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Slithering from the bay to dinner tables far overseas

When onlookers see Jimmy Trossbach pull up pounds and pounds of eels from his pots from the water, they are amazed. “They get a little closer to stare at them,” Trossbach said. “Then they get scared and they back up” from the slimy, snake-like aquatic creatures. The most frequent comment he hears is that they didn’t know eels existed in the Chesapeake Bay, just like oysters, crabs, rockfish and other marine species with which Marylanders are familiar. A waterman who lives less than a mile away from where he was born in Drayden, Trossbach has spent many of his waking hours hunting for eels up and down the bay and its tributaries for the past 31 years. >click to read<16:33

Decision Soon on Listing Eels Under Endangered Species Act

An environmental advocacy group wants the federal government to list the American eel as threatened, giving the fish protections that would greatly limit fishermen’s ability to pursue and catch them. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision about protecting the eels will likely come toward the end of September, said Steven Shepard, a spokesman for the agency. Only Maine and South Carolina fishermen harvest elvers, and South Carolina’s fishery is much smaller. Several other states have fisheries for older eels, including Maryland, Virginia and Delaware. Darrell Young, who co-directs the Maine Elver Fishermen’s Association and has fished for elvers for more than 20 years, said,,, Read the rest here 16:20

Keeping it real with eels

gdt iconROCKPORT — There is much that still is not known about the American eel. But that’s hardly the fault of Eric Hutchins. Hutchins, a NOAA fisheries biologist, is all about keeping it real with the eel. It would be hard to find anyone, anywhere, better at the eel spiel than the Rockport resident. Read more here Five free pages! This article is three pages. Talk about being cheap? 09:00

“I don’t know what we’ll find here,” Enigmatic eels a focus of concern

 On a chilly morning when other watermen on the Patuxent River dredged for  oysters, Jimmy Trossbach sought more slippery quarry — American eels. Last week, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, which oversees  near-shore fishing along the coast, put off a decision on catch limits until May  while one state, Maine, works to slash its commercial harvest of young “glass”  eels. [email protected]  08:08