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Why Maine Is The Only State In The US With A ‘Significant’ Elver Fishery

If you’ve ever read a story in the news about elver fishing season, you’ve probably seen some variation of this line: “Maine’s the only state in the U.S. with a significant fishery for elvers.” Maybe you thought that’s because elvers don’t exist in large numbers outside of Maine — that would be a reasonable assumption. But the real reason is somewhat more complicated. Let’s start at the beginning, in the Sargasso Sea. Although it sounds romantic, the Sargasso Sea is actually just an area of the North Atlantic that’s full of Sargassum,,, >click to read<14:56

Maine baby eel harvest on pace to hit record value under catch limits

Halfway through the 2018 fishing season for baby eels, the value of landings in Maine is on track to reach its highest annual total since a statewide catch limit was imposed four years ago. With the average price remaining above $2,300 per pound since opening day on March 22, the value of the statewide catch so far was $12 million as of Thursday evening. That’s just $130,000 shy of the catch value for all of 2017. It represents 4,600 pounds caught statewide since the season started, meaning fishermen have not yet reached the halfway point of Maine’s overall annual catch limit of 9,688 pounds. >click to read<10:24

Elver prices soar to new heights amid shortage, Asian demand, state expects a strong year.

The price of baby eels in Maine is soaring to record highs at the start of a season in which buyers expect to pay more for the valuable fish.,, Fishermen in Maine, which has the only significant elver fishery in the U.S., are poised for high prices this year because of a poor harvest in Asia. The early part of Maine’s season has been held back somewhat by bad weather, but harvesters are looking forward to a good year, said Darrell Young, co-director of the Maine Elver Fishermen Association. >click to read< 09:55

Price offered for Maine’s baby eels hits record high

Strong demand for baby eels from Maine, spurred by poor winter harvests elsewhere around the globe, has driven prices in the opening days of the state’s annual fishing season to unprecedented heights. The average price offered to fishermen for their baby eels, also known as elvers, since the season began at noon last Thursday is between $2,700 and $2,800 per pound, according to Maine Department of Marine Resources. That’s the highest average price range ever reported by the state agency and more than double the $1,302 per pound that Maine fishermen averaged over the course of the 2017 season. >click to read<09:07

Maine elver king to plead guilty to trafficking in poached elver eels

The man regarded as the founder of Maine’s elver fishery will plead guilty to violating federal law by trafficking in more than half a million dollars worth of poached baby eels. Bill Sheldon and federal prosecutors reached the agreement on Sunday. Sheldon has waived his right to appeal any sentence that includes a prison term of 30 months or less. Sheldon bought elvers, or baby eels, that he knew had been caught in New Jersey and Virginia, where the fishery is banned, prosecutors have said.,, Sheldon, 71, of Woolwich, is scheduled to appear in federal court in Portland at 12:30 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 5, to formally enter his guilty plea. click here to read the story 14:37

Species At Risk? Eel decline in Quebec and Ontario could end industry in Maritimes

glass eelAn effort to protect eels in Ontario and Quebec is threatening to shut down the little known but lucrative eel fishery in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. “What is at stake is the livelihood of people in rural Nova Scotia,” said Yvonne Carey of Atlantic Elver Fishery, one of eight Nova Scotia eel fishery licence holders. Another licence is in New Brunswick. Between 130 and 140 people are employed each year netting adult and baby American eels as they enter and leave rivers in the two provinces. This week in Dartmouth, officials from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans will review data collected on those rivers as part of a to decide whether the Maritime eel population is really at risk.  The department is considering a recommendation from wildlife experts to declare American eels a species at risk. Read the story here 14:41

Seven plead guilty to illegal Elver Eel trafficking

f91396d26f65019c_1366235402_9j-4aaqskSeven people pleaded guilty to federal charges of trafficking nearly $2 million worth of baby eels on the East Coast. The pleas took place between Tuesday and Thursday at federal court in Portland. Six pleaded guilty to selling or transporting illegally harvested elvers in interstate commerce. Elvers can only be fished commercially in Maine and South Carolina and are one of the country’s most lucrative fisheries on a by-the-pound basis. They are sold to Asia and used for sushi. The six who pleaded guilty to selling or transporting the elvers were Yarann Im, Mark Green, John Pinkham, Thomas Reno, Michael Bryant and George Anestis. Thomas Choi pleaded guilty to exporting elvers that he knew had been harvested illegally. The charges carry a maximum of five years in jail. link 08:30

Holy Smoke! Elver prices rise to around $1,900 per pound

elverprice040715_1.jpgExpectations for the volume of elvers that will be caught in Maine this spring may be low but, based on prices that dealers are offering fishermen, the value of the fishery could be headed back up to what it was a couple of years ago. The snow and cold spring temperatures are keeping landings to a trickle so far this season, but for fishermen who are catching baby American eels, the price is back up,,, Read the rest here 09:25

UPDATED: Maine’s elver-fishing industry could be affected by new regulations – harvest to be cut by 25% in 2014

The American Eel Management Board of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is meeting Wednesday in Georgia to discuss and possibly vote on new regulations. Options range from maintaining the status quo to imposing quotas to closing the fishery. [email protected] 12:12  new info here

Elver eel price dips from 2012 high but poaching persists

BDNELLSWORTH, Maine — Maine’s 2013 elver fishing season is not playing out as a repeat of 2012. For one, the penalties now are higher, thanks to a new law that went into effect on Tuesday. Anyone who fishes or possesses the young American eels without a license now can be taken to jail for a first offense. Plenty of issues. continued

N.H. man caught with 41 pounds of elvers eels!

NEWPORT — The Maine Marine Patrol on April 3 issued a summons to Phillip Parker, 41 of Candia, N.H., in the largest case of illegal possession of elvers in the history of the fishery, according to a maine Marine Patrol news release. Marine Patrol Sgt. Rene Cloutier along with Officer John Luellen apprehended Parker in Newport after an investigation revealed that the New Hampshire man intended to sell 41 pounds of elvers, potentially worth more than $80,000, without a Maine elver-harvesting license. continued

Passamaquoddys issue far more elver licenses than allowed by law

ELLSWORTH, Maine — A year after catching state officials off guard by issuing 236 elver fishing licenses in the middle of elver season, the Passamaquoddy Tribe has issued more than twice that amount for 2013. continue reading

Officials: Elver eel season stunted by low temperatures, prices – Fishery in the government crosshairs!

ELLSWORTH, Maine — The 2013 elver fishing season in Maine has begun with cooler temperatures and cooler prices, according to a state official. “They’re a little bit on the spotty side,” Separate from the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission process, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is considering listing American eels under the federal Endangered Species Act, which could result in a ban on all American eel fishing. continue reading

New elver licensee Awesus Mitchell goes for the gold as season opens – video

NOBLEBORO, Maine – Awesus Mitchell stood at the Nobleboro Town Landing at noon Friday and eyed the icy Medomak River beneath him, preparing to claim his lottery prize. The proud winner of an elver fishing license, he had been at the landing since 8 a.m. Friday, and “stakin’ this spot out for a couple of weeks.” “It’s a good, anxious feeling,” he said. “It’s like I’ve won the lottery … I didn’t get much sleep last night.” continue

Strong start expected for Maine eel fishing

PORTLAND – Last year’s eel fishing season started strongly when prices topped $2,000 a pound. High prices are expected again when the 2013 season starts Friday. There were reports of fishermen making $10,000 to $20,000 a day last year.continue

Panel endorses increase in Penobscot elver eel licenses

AUGUSTA, Maine — A legislative committee voted unanimously Monday morning to support a bill that will allow the Penobscot Nation to issue 48 elver fishing licenses to its members. Another bill would allow the Passamaquoddy Tribe to issue 200 elver licenses to its members. Maine state law currently does not limit the number of elver licenses that the Passamaquoddys can issue. continue

High prices expected for elver eel season

PORTLAND — Last year’s eel fishing season started strongly when prices rocketed above $2,000 a pound. High prices are again expected when the 2013 season kicks off Friday. Prices won’t be set until the catch gets under way, but eel dealers say there’s little doubt that they’ll be high. continue