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Maine Elver fishermen report ‘horrible’ season

The 2015 elver fishing season has come to a disappointing end, local fishermen say. “Horrible,” fisherman Abden Simmons described it. “I don’t think I’ve caught half of what my quota was.” “Normally we have an eight-week season, but this year we had a four-week season,” Darrel Young, head of the Maine Elver Fishermen Association, said. The season actually began March 22, but Young didn’t catch his first elvers until May 3. Prices per pound of elvers ranged throughout the season from under $1,000 to a high of $2,700,  Read the rest here 15:04

Elver fishermen reach half of quota with three weeks left in season

swipe cardThere’s less than three weeks to go in Maine’s big-money elver fishing season. And while fishermen are having luck atching eels, even the Maine Marine Patrol admits fishermen’s incomes are down from last year. Video report here  10:33

Maine elver dealer: Season starts late with lower prices, ‘saner’ system

BDNPORTLAND, Maine — Maine’s short but lucrative elver fishing season has started slowly, by all accounts, and prices are down dramatically from the 2012 peak of more than $2,000 per pound. Read more here  15:01