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Fishermen’s offer: We’ll catch fewer cod for chance at more haddock

As trades go, this isn’t exactly guns for hostages or Heathcliff Slocumb for Jason Varitek and Derek Lowe. Still it’s pretty interesting. Fishermen in  and other sectors, with funding assistance from the Gloucester Fishing Community Preservation Fund (GFCPF), are offering to surrender up to 60 metric tons of their annual cod catch entitlement if NOAA Fisheries will relax some of the emergency measures it instituted in November to protect Gulf of Maine cod. Read the rest here  09:53

New Cod Restrictions Will Not Affect Rhode Island Fishermen

Christopher Brown, president of the Rhode Island Commercial Fishermen’s Association, reassures none of these fishing restrictions will have a direct impact on Rhode Island fishermen. Read the rest here 18:48

Editorial: NOAA cod measure cannot be allowed to stand without challenge

gdt iconPerhaps the scariest thing about the new “emergency measures” being imposed on Gloucester fishermen and the New England groundfishing industry is that no one seems surprised. Angry? Frustrated? Desperate? You bet — and with good reason.  Read the rest here 09:23

Feds Add Fishing Restrictions for Atlantic Cod – will have a significant economic impact on some fishermen

Regulators are closing areas where most of the cod catches have occurred over the last couple of years to protect the remaining stock. Most of those areas will be off the coast of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, impacting those who fish the inshore waters there. The emergency plan goes into effect Thursday, and will remain in place until May. ,,, Read the rest here 19:29

Letters signal preventative strike against NOAA fishing measures

gdt iconNOAA Regional Administrator John K. Bullard has conceded the emergency measures, which will be announced around the middle of this month, likely will include quota cuts and area closures and will have a “disproportionate” negative impact on small-boat groundfish ports such as Gloucester and Portsmouth, N.H. Read the rest here 08:01

Gloucester to take brunt of new NOAA fishing hits

manatthewheelThe port of Gloucester and its sector-based commercial fishermen could be crushed under emergency measures NOAA Fisheries is considering for Gulf of Maine cod, potentially losing as much as one-quarter of all groundfish revenues, according to a NOAA economic report. The ultimate revenue loss will be contingent on how far NOAA cuts the Gulf of Maine cod quota as part of the emergency measures to combat what the agency has described as the continued decimation of the area’s cod stock. Read the rest here 12:52