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The American eel’s ‘endangered’ designation isn’t backed up by the science

elver eelOver the past decade, eel fishermen in Maine and all along the Atlantic coast have been part of a responsibly managed fishery, adhering to stringent regulations developed across state, provincial and international lines.,, Despite these notable management efforts, in late 2014, the environmental group International Union for the Conservation of Nature placed American eel on its “Red List” of endangered species. Read the rest here 14:55

Sturgeon’s designation had minimal data, major impacts – Debate growing over fish’s label as endangered

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently issued estimates of coastal populations of the fish that are healthier than many thought. The estimate of more than 400,000 fish per year from Maine to North Carolina raised eyebrows among scientists and highlighted the lack of population data that were available when the designation was made. heh! continued