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Matt Ridley: Blue Planet II Was Superb, Save A Few Fishy Facts

Nothing that Hollywood sci-fi screenwriters dream up for outer space begins to rival the beauty and ingenuity of life under water right here. Blue Planet II captured behaviour that was new to science as well as surprising: giant trevally fish eating sooty terns on the wing; Galapagos sea lions herding yellowfin tuna ashore; an octopus wrapping itself in shells to confuse sharks. The series also preached. Every episode had a dose of bad news about the ocean and a rebuke to humanity, while the entire last episode was devoted to the environmental cause, featuring overfishing, pollution, climate change and ocean acidification. The team behind the incomparable Sir David Attenborough has acceded to demands that it should push more environmentalism. click here to read the story 12:26

Fur for the Ladies, AND the environment! All the luxury, none of the guilt with nutria pelts

Believe it or not, there was a time when lustrous nutria pelts were coveted by such stars as Greta Garbo, Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren. Over the years, the “swamp rat” fell into disfavor. Now, a southeast Louisiana company called Righteous Fur seeks to recapture the glory days of nutria fashion by creating eco-friendly nutria designs that can be worn with a guilt-free conscience. Their mission: to help save the Louisiana wetlands. Read the rest here 20:21

Martha’s Vineyard: Islanders question local benefits of offshore wind project leases

Concerns about how Martha’s Vineyard will benefit from a commercial offshore renewable wind energy project 12 nautical miles south of its shores dominated discussion at a public hearing to discuss the proposed leasing process and transmission route at a public meeting Monday night in the Katharine Cornell Theatre in Tisbury. Read more here 08:27