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Opposition To Proposed Offshore Natural Gas Project 28 miles off the north Jersey coast.

Senator Jennifer Beck opposes the project Liberty Natural Gas wants to build to import liquefied natural gas. “This facility holds no value for New Jersey. We don’t benefit by its construction, and it poses serious detriment to our waterways and to our beachfronts.” This facility is right next to shipping lanes. It’s in areas of important fisheries. Read the rest here 22:23

Pews Peter Baker, once again, pushes his agenda – No Refuge For Fish? Stressed Species Need Safe Habitat

Overfishing and warming waters are combining to create a potent one-two punch that threatens significant harm to New England’s already beleaguered fish and fishermen. Fortunately, there is one thing we can do to cushion both blows: protect ocean habitat — the places where fish spawn, grow, and find shelter and food. Read more here! 14:00

Fishermen claim marine plan could destroy their industry in Scotland – Blueprint for future of seas prompts clash

A new national marine plan for Scotland has come under fierce attack from fishermen who claim it could destroy the sea fishing industry. Blueprint for future of seas prompts clash of opinions between fishing groups, academic expert and environmental campaigners Exclusive by Rob Edwards. Read [email protected]  06:54