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Apalachicola – economy hit hard by oyster shortage

Five generations of Philip Vinson’s family have labored using tongs to pull oysters from  Bay’s shallow waters. He fears there won’t be a sixth. The local oyster industry is under threat from water-flow issues, environmental concerns, health and safety regulations and economic realities. Restaurants from New Orleans to Tampa and beyond tout Apalachicola oysters as the tastiest oysters around, but the annual harvest has been in decline. Read the rest here 10:55

South Carolina’s first jellyfish operation raises environmental concerns

The prospect of a new fishery is tantalizing to struggling shrimpers and entrepreneurs, including a Mount Pleasant man who’s spearheading the first South Carolina foray into the jellyfish industry. Assuming it gets the go-ahead from the Department of Health & Environmental Control and Beaufort County, Carolina Jelly Balls will begin harvesting Cannonball jellyfish in Seabrook next month. Read [email protected] 23:30