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When Green is Grey

From the article: ONE of the striking things about the “green” movement, from big-G political parties to environmental NGOs, is how little connect it has with anything actually green. “Greys” would be a better collective noun,,, But this is where the Greens got involved: righteous zealots descending on Brussels with money to burn, much of it from shadowy American foundations and, incredibly, the EU itself.  Read the rest here 09:20

Big Green’s ‘sue-and-settle’ strategy draws pushback from states, Congress

Scott Pruitt is Oklahoma’s attorney general and he’s fed up with Big Green’s outrageously destructive sue-and-settle attacks using endangered species as a weapon to obliterate America’s burgeoning oil and gas production. (OUR INDUSTRY?) Read more here washingtonexaminer 11:25

The Adventures of $uper Ecoman – Contemplation

SEM 1Flashing across the sky is a blinding streak of Blue, Green and Gold. A split second later, $uper Ecoman arrives at his destination, The Center for United Non Profit Training, and he is shocked. Not because of the unexpected, but the sudden thought of a world without the Eco Fuel that keeps he, and his army of paid eco crusaders alive, Wealth Foundation Funding.  Click here  16:02