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Fish, Lesser Prairie Chickens, and “sue and settle” practices – Federal regulations should be based on reality, not agendas

OKLAHOMA Attorney General Scott Pruitt has filed a lawsuit challenging the U.S. Department of the Interior and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s “sue and settle” practices, which dramatically expand federal regulations without public input. Read more here  18:43

We can’t win…if we don’t fight! “Save the Oceans”. Not from “overfishing”; but from GREED!

Easy ButtonThis is a response (and hopefully an alternative) to the position of “Well, it’s coming anyway, it’s inevitable; so’s we might as well take whatever we can get out of it…go on home, and call it good”

In fact, we probably won’t survive at all…if we don’t fight.

Are we willing to give over our fisheries to the barnstorming energy industrialists looking for a new pair of financial roller skates? Are we willing to let them turn our fishing grounds into oilfields and windfarms, where for “security reasons” they’ll install multi-mile buffer zones preventing any and all craft from entering—except the “officially authorized” of course?  Are we willing to let a bunch of Conservation Law Foundation lawyers take over our fisheries management and influence public opinion and cowed officials to regulate fishing into oblivion?  These are groups of lawyers that are operating under the false neutral flag of environmental non-governmental organizations, but in reality are working directly or indirectly for mega-industry agenda driven entities such as the Pew oil company money spawned Environmental Defense Fund.   These CLF and Natural Resource Defense League lawyers, for instance, are getting rich collecting fees from both ends: from the government when it’s an EPA issue and then of course from whatever beneficent mega-corporation funded eco-group they happen to be representing at the time.  They move the scams from one “endangered marine species” to another. Read more here  15:49