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 Hybridization – Escaped farmed salmon are breeding with wild salmon and producing offspring

nl-aquaculture-fish-farming-cage-open-water-20130927Research has confirmed that escaped farmed salmon are breeding with wild salmon and producing offspring in many rivers in Newfoundland. “We did find evidence of successful breeding between farmed and wild salmon. Approximately a third of the individuals we sampled showed evidence of hybrid ancestry,” said Department of Fisheries and Oceans scientist Ian Bradbury, of the unpublished study presented at an international aquaculture conference in St. John’s on Tuesday. Researchers studied thousands of fish in 18 rivers on the island’s south coast, and found evidence of interbreeding in 17 of them. “It was widespread across a suite of the rivers that we looked at. I think there was only one river where we didn’t see evidence of hybridization,” said Bradbury. It’s estimated that over the decades since the advent of aquaculture, more than 750,000 salmon have escaped from fish farms in the province. The new study sheds light on what happens to them in the wild. Read the story here 11:26

Cooke Aquaculture’s escaped farmed salmon a major concern, says Opposition critic – Number of escapees estimated to be better than 50,000

Liberal fisheries critic Jim Bennett says a recent incident of Cooke Aquaculture’s farmed salmon escaping from into Hermitage Bay compounds concern over an earlier escape on the Garnish River. Bennett said in a news release, he’s been informed that the number is closer to 50,000 rather than the reported 20,000. [email protected]  16:36

Newfoundland: Escaped farmed salmon could cause problems, council warns. No big deal says DFO!

CBC_News_logoThe Salmonid Council of Newfoundland and Labrador warns a recent escape of farmed salmon could cause problems with the wild Atlantic salmon population. continued

Escaped farmed salmon – The Fisheries Broadcast with John Furlong

CBC_News_logoIt’s what people who worry about aquaculture fear most… escapes from salmon farms.  Now officials from DFO have confirmed that escaped farmed salmon have turned up along side wild salmon in the Garnish River on the Burin Peninsula. audio