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Humpy invasion

While West Coast Americans – Alaskans among them – worry and fret about farmed Atlantic salmon escaping to invade the Pacific Ocean despite decades of failed stocking efforts aimed at helping them do so, the Norwegians, Scots and other Europeans are facing a real and significant problem with an invasive Pacific salmon – the ubiquitous Alaska humpy. The smallest of the Pacific salmon, the humpy – or pink salmon – is by far the most common species in the 49th state. Of the 224.6 million salmon caught in Alaska last year, 63 percent, some 114.6 million, were pinks, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.  And Northern Europeans are now worried the highly adaptable and voracious humpy could become a common species in their coastal waters. Blame the Russians. >click to read<15:52

Brexit-supporting Fishermen Worried May Will Sell Them out After ‘30 Years of Torment that Seemed Neverending’

Fishing for Leave, the grassroots fishing industry campaign for Brexit which organised the seaborne protest which turned into the (in)famous Battle of the Thames, expressed concern after the Remain-supporting prime minister signalled fishing would form part of Britain’s “economic partnership” with the European Union. The lion’s share of Western Europe’s fish are in British territorial waters, but EU member-states are required to surrender control over their fisheries — like their trade policy — to Brussels, which has resulted in a massive reduction in “fishing effort” as British stocks have been doled out to other EU member-states. Talk of reduced “fishing effort” is a euphemism for massive job losses,,, >click to read<11:09

EU to ‘stick two fingers up’ and STEAL fish if UK takes back control of seas post-Brexit

The EU is proposing a “childish” plot to pursue “unsustainable fishing just to stick two fingers up at the UK” in response to reclaiming fishing waters after Brexit, it has been revealed. Mackerel and herring move between EU coastal areas and the North Sea during breeding and migration and European countries may intercept the fish before they reach British waters, it is claimed. Alan Hastings from the campaign group Fishing for Leave accused the EU of being “childish” and “sticking two fingers up” at the UK. >click here to read< 12:20

Fisheries Minister George Eustice announces new protections for lobster stocks

New protections to improve the long-term sustainability of England’s shellfish industry and support the next generation of fishermen have been announced by Fisheries Minister George Eustice. From Sunday (1 October), fishermen will no longer be able to land egg-bearing (‘berried’) lobsters and crawfish in English waters – a move that will protect the species until their eggs have hatched. The UK is leading the way in Europe in providing this new protection for shellfish – with a proposal for similar action to ban the landing of berried lobsters across the EU currently in discussion. click here to read the story 11:16

U.K. to End Half Century of Fishing Rights in Brexit Slap to EU

Prime Minister Theresa May will pull Britain out of the 1964 London convention that allows European fishing vessels to access waters as close as six to twelve nautical miles from the U.K. coastline. Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union was already going to stop fishing by European boats within 12 to 200 nautical miles (22 to 370 kilometers) of British shores, but this move goes even further in terminating historic rights enjoyed by France, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands that predate the U.K.’s own entry into the EU. “For the first time in more than fifty years we will be able to decide who can access our waters,”,,, click here to read the story 19:34

Scandinavian biologists see threat in crossbreeding by American, European lobsters

Scandinavian biologists say American and European lobsters are crossbreeding and their offspring can survive in European waters, but it is too early to tell if the hybrids can reproduce. Susanne Eriksson of the University of Gothenberg in Sweden and Ann-Lisbeth Agnalt of the Institute of Marine Research in Norway presented their findings on the threat that American lobsters found in the northeast Atlantic Ocean pose to their smaller European cousins Tuesday during the second day of the International Conference and Workshop on Lobster Biology & Management in Portland.,,, The EU said it might one day explore other protective measures that would not be so disruptive to trade if Sweden returns with further proof of an invasion. click here to read the story 08:38

Fishing Illegally – Menakhem Ben-Yami

mb-y3601cropAccording to the EU, NOAA and other “regulators,” ‘Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing (IUU) depletes fish stocks, destroys marine habitats, distorts competition, puts honest fishers at an unfair disadvantage, and weakens coastal communities, particularly in developing countries,’ etc., etc. The sundry of published documents, articles, and even learned papers, published not only in the fisheries-related, but also in the general press in recent years, are all bombarding us with IUU. If words could sink vessels, there’d be many more wrecks decorating the bottom of the sea. Read the rest here 16:21

Huge increases in fish quotas agreed by EU but will it be good for fishermen?

eu quota increaseSignificant increases in UK quotas for fish including North Sea cod have been agreed by ministers. Fisheries minister George Eustice welcomed the deal as a “great result” for UK fishermen following European Union negotiations in Brussels.,, Grimsby  fishermen might blame the EU for helping do severe damage to their livelihoods but that is not the way the Government sees it. In an announcement before he left for Brussels to thrash out new deals on fish quotas, Fishing Minister George Eustice said European-wide marine controls were now reaping bountiful rewards for those on the North East coast – Read the article here  Mixed news for Brixham fishermen as fish quota limits agreed – Read the article here  New, higher fish quotas for Ireland welcomed by fishermen – Read the article here  Britain nets new quotas deal for fishermen – Read the article here 08:27


Video Report – EU prawn ‘discard ban’: Northern Ireland fishermen apply for waste licence

_87149554_fishingboatsFishermen say they have been forced to apply for a waste licence to dump prawns at sea because of a new rule that stops fish being thrown overboard. Watch the video here 08:49

EU pressure on illegal fishing threatens more than 8,000 Thai fishing boats

More than 8,000 trawlers in 22 provinces are likely to lose their commercial fishing licences after checks revealed the registration numbers did not match the vessels, and many had failed to renew their permits for years. If all the boats were banned, it would be a terrible blow to the Thai fishing industry, which employs about 300,000 people. The discrepancies were uncovered when the government began regulating all fishing boats to comply with the EUs demand last April that Thailand end illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, or lose its market for seafood products. Bangkok was given six months to fall into line. Read the rest here 12:09

Khong Yai fishermen threaten to idle boats

Khong Yai fishermen threaten to idle boatsThe fisheries association in Trat’s Khlong Yai district has threatened to stop work on July 1, the deadline set by the government for all fishing boats to register and comply with the EU’s illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing rules. “The government wants to appease European countries, which buy only 30-billion-baht worth of fishery products per year from Thailand. But this would cause considerable damage to the Thai fishing industry, which is worth more than 100 billion baht. Read the rest here 10:24

Fishy EU goes fishing at Britain’s expense

The UK’s fishing industry is central to our national identity, and puts food on the table for millions. But Brussels wants to destroy it, and is doing a good job of doing so. The number of British fishermen has fallen by a quarter in the last two decades. Behind the scenes is the EU’s long-running (and much hated) Common Fisheries Policy which lays down the law for small time fishermen and huge trawlers alike, though the rules Read the rest here 07:50

Global powers sign declaration on sustainable fishing

ATHENS) – Officials from some of the world’s top fishing powers signed a declaration in Greece on Friday to promote sustainable management of fish stocks. The signatories — the EU, United States, Japan, Philippines, Colombia and Indonesia — pledged to support measures to address fishing overcapacity. Read more here eubusiness.com 14:08

Whale meat snacks seized at German trade fair

The meat is illegal in Germany and the majority of the EU. “Norway is breaking the law in several ways here,” said Astrid Fuchs of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. “Both the import and the sale are illegal.” Read [email protected]  08:48

Is the EU and MSC Killing off the Vikings?

The European Union may have signed a death warrant for the Faroes Islands fishing industry after officials banned the import of herring and mackerel from the self-governing territory into the 17-nation bloc. The Marine Stewardship Council has already voiced concerns over the Faroe Islands’ large fishing quotas, which has more than trebled its previously agreed share of the Atlanto-Scandian herring stock. The MSC has summarily suspended its certificate for the archipelago.  [email protected]  12:22

Historic Agreement: EU, US, and Canada Sign ‘Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation’ today

business world – Ireland, and Galway in particular, today sees the signing of an historic agreement between the EU, the US and Canada, all of whom share a North Atlantic coastline. The ‘Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation’ was signed today at a high level conference at the Irish Marine Institute in Galway. continued