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Federal ministers call for change in EU seal products ban

“The EU allows seal products from Greenland to be marketed in the European Union with(out) any regard in which they are hunted. So in other words, the European Union seal regime does nothing to actually keep seal products out of the EU market or away from the EU public,” she said in a telephone interview. Read more here  08:39

WTO panel to report on EU seal products ban Monday

ST. JOHN’S, N.L. – Advocates both for and against Canada’s commercial seal hunt will be watching Monday as the World Trade Organization rules on the European Union’s ban on imported seal products. The ban is hailed by animal welfare activists and has drawn Hollywood star power from the likes of actors Jude Law and Pamela Anderson who want it upheld. [email protected]  12:40

European court upholds EU seal products ban

A court has upheld the European Union’s three-year-old ban on seal products, dealing another blow to Canada’s embattled sealing industry. continued