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Deep-water experiment reveals lobsters’ appetite for jellyfish

A team from Heriot-Watt University was surprised to find lobster scaring off other marine life in order to eat defrosted helmet jellyfish carcasses which has been attached to an underwater camera and lowered 250 metres in the Sognefjorden in western Norway. The experiment was designed to find out which deep-water species were most attracted by a jellyfish dinner, with hagfish and amphipods expected to be interested. But it was the Norway lobster – worth around £80 million to Scottish fishing catches – that was most keen and ate half of the jellyfish. click here to read the story 10:15

Experiment: Converting the American Samoa Longline fishery into the Science fishery – audio

As part of the experiment, Carlos Sanchez of the Longline Association is conducting experimental fishing targeting species such as yellowfin and bigeye using non-longline gear and technological equipment. Sanchez, “isn’t going to be the art of fishing, but the science of fishing” Audio here  15:38

Tangle net experiment: Columbia River fishermen try out gillnet alternative

Even with a chance at late returning coho salmon, few commercial gillnet fishermen will be out with tangle nets on the Columbia River in the next two weeks. [email protected]  22:26