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Fairhaven Firefighters Battle Extremely Smoky Fire on Fishing Boat

Fairhaven-Boat-FireFairhaven firefighters battled a smoky blaze onboard a fishing boat today. Firefighter Wayne Oliveira says the fire was reported late Tuesday morning aboard the 75-foot fishing vessel “Thor” which is docked in the Fairhaven Shipyard for repairs. The fire was contained to the crew quarters below deck. Oliveira tells WBSM News fighting a fire inside of a boat is already a difficult task. “It’s even worse under extremely heavy smoke conditions when you really can’t see anything,,, Three photos, Read the article here 17:38

Fairhaven Shipyard neighbors worry about shipyard reconfiguration

sct logoFAIRHAVEN — The Fairhaven  is asking the state Department of Environmental Protection for permission to reconfigure docks in the North Yard, and neighbors worry the move could result in more pollution. Read more here  06:16

Fairhaven Shipyard proposes controversial wall

The North Shipyard has been the subject of environmental investigations in recent years. In 2012 EPA cited it for violations of the Clean Air Act. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection is in ongoing negotiations with the yard’s owners about dust and noise pollution. Read more here southcoast  08:27

Fairhaven Shipyard and its neighbors are at odds over noise and dust complaints

Residents of Middle and Water Streets describe living near the shipyard as living in “a nightmare,” “a war zone” and “a dentist’s office.” It’s not just the noise, but also potential pollution that has them wary of the shipyard and concerned for their health. Shipyard owner Gail Isaksen denies that her business has broken any environmental regulations. She said residents should expect noise when living near “the working waterfront.” [email protected]  07:14