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Illex Squid: Falklands concern with vast fishing fleet gathering on high seas

A vast fleet of fishing vessels assembling to catch Illex squid on the high seas, some 400 miles north of the Falkland Islands, is an issue of concern to the Falkland Islands Fisheries Department. Director of Natural Resources John Barton confirmed to Penguin News this week that the fleet had been out there from an early date and was likely to be catching small squid as well as having the capacity to catch a great deal of squid. This could, of course, impact on Falklands fishery catches. >click here to read< 13:02

Falklands calamari prices recover significantly as second season catch is below market expectations

Recent reports in trade journals that abundant catches during 2017 were depressing Falkland Islands loligo prices were challenged this week by local sources concerned with the fishing industry. The Falkland Islands Director of Natural Resources, John Barton, described 2017 as “a good calamari year” despite the “unusual and surprising” challenge of dealing with sea lion mortalities during the second loligo season. Some 24,000 metric tons were caught during that season. click here to read the story 22:33

Falklands squid catch dives from 350,000t to 2,000t, Argentina at 20-year low

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-12-22-49Juan Redini, president of the chamber of jiggers of Argentina, presented some shocking figures on squid catches in his country and also the Falkland Islands, during the cephalopod conference on the Monday before Conxemar. Argentina’s catches of squid for 2016 are just over 50,000 metric tons (see blue bars below) in 2016, with catches in the Falklands at around 2,000t (see red bars). In 2015, catches from Argentina’s vessels were around 110,000t, with the Falklands catching over 350,000t. This “massive trend downwards” has caused prices to rocket. According to a slide (see below) from Redini, prices were around $1,000/t in 2015, but have nearly doubled in 2016, with the massive drop in volumes. Read the rest here 16:33