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Damage Control For Flooding (Some notes on what to do when you have that sinking feeling)

If you engineer fishing vessels you are going to be expected to have the skills to lead damage control efforts, repair crews, control flooding, and even seal off compartments in order to prevent sinking. All of this needs to be done in a hurry so putting a little thought into how you intend to deal with flooding in some of the areas of your vessel and taking stock of any emergency pumps, equipment, and the condition of water tight doors and compartment bulk heads may be the difference between life or death. Read the rest here with 9 images. 17:20

Staying Alive In The World’s Most Dangerous Job w/ Joel Woods – Photo article by John Johnson

osprey herring munchCommercial fishing is the world’s most dangerous job. Even with all of the advances in safety equipment and modern weather prediction the chances of a fisherman being injured or killed still remain very high. Life at sea on a fishing vessel can be  very unpredictable,,,Read more here  John Johnson is a featured writer at fisherynation.com. Comments are welcome. 11:05

Western Wave in Portland Harbor just now

20130906_124826She is clearly well down from the weight of herring aboard her from seining in the southern end of area 1a the Gulf of Maine. Reports of a large stock of fish near Portland are all over the water front. Featured Writer John Johnson  15:25