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Updated – Letter: Gulf Seafood industry hampered by spillway opening

Gulf seafood harvesters need federal disaster recovery funding to ease the suffering caused by the opening of the Bonnet Carre Spillway.,, In a letter to the U.S. secretary of commerce, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant stated that 70% of the Mississippi Sound’s already imperiled oyster population is estimated to be dead, with the crab catch down by 35%. Shrimp season in Mississippi, which usually begins in June, will also be affected. >click to read<14:36

Gov. Edwards Requests Federal Disaster Declaration for Flooded Fisheries – >click to read<

Not wanting to be left out of the bin three money.

cash“The first round was money distributed by the federal government to permit holders who caught 5,000 pounds of ground fish in either 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013,” explained Claire Fitzgerald, policy analyst for the Chatham-based Cape Cod Commercial Fisherman’s Alliance. However, there was a second larger “bin” of $8.3 million, and the net was cast wider; permit holders who caught 3,000 pounds of ground fish, in either 2009, 2010, 2011 or 2012 were eligible. But many local permit holders, who switched their targeted fish, or didn’t land a lot of cod, were left out. With the final $6.7 million (bin 3) about to be allotted the Alliance was worried the field was tipping towards the bigger ports of New Bedford and Gloucester Read the rest here 09:07

Massachusetts Lawmakers to help small-boat fishermen qualify for third round of federal disaster aid

This is for the third installment of cash designed in 2012 to help fishermen catch some of the dollars they lost under significant cuts to groundfish catch allocations. The initial proposal limited recipients to only those fishermen who caught at least 20,000 pounds of fish each year for the last three years, said Rep. Jim Cantwell, the Democrat who represents two fishing communities in Marshfield and Scituate. National Marine Fisheries Service allocated in February $8.3 million of a $32.8 million federal groundfish disaster aid package to,,, Read the rest here 10:13

Common sense and disaster relief – Paul Cohan, Gloucester

The most important consideration in the now-contentious discussion of disaster relief distribution is the definition of the term “disaster” and its respective impacts upon the individuals affected. If a tornado were to touch down in a community and wreak such havoc for that community that a disaster declaration was warranted, relief would be distributed proportionately to the damage incurred. The guy who lost his whole house would be entitled to receive more assistance than the guy who had a few windows blown out. That only makes sense. So why are we having such a difficult time with what should be a pretty straightforward issue? Read the rest here 08:41

15 Gloucester shoreside businesses to receive disaster aid

cashThose Gloucester businesses comprise precisely half of the 30 Massachusetts businesses that will receive groundfish disaster aid. Collectively, they will receive by far the largest portion of the $750,000 set aside to assist shoreside businesses affected by the federally declared groundfish disaster now grinding through its third year. Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken said the city’s success in garnering more than half of the available aid earmarked for businesses underlined the city’s prominence at the epicenter of the groundfish disaster, both on the water and on the waterfront. “These businesses (listed) were severely impacted by the groundfish disaster declared in 2012,” Romeo Theken said. Read the rest here 08:07

Fish aid plans may leave out buybacks, buyouts

cashBullard, however, said that the re-aligned philosophy of how to best spend the remaining $10 million would not necessarily spell the end of planning a buyout or buyback program to help the fishery over the long haul. “We don’t want to give up on the (the buyback or buyout) and want to keep thinking about how it may work,” Bullard said. “But there is more of a feeling now that perhaps we should use the majority of those funds for other purposes.” Read the rest here 11:42

Tierney sets talks on fisheries here with House panel chief

gdt iconThe federal disaster aid to fishermen and industry stakeholders is in the pipeline, and now much of the industry’s attention — here and across the rest of the coastal United States — has turned to the…Read more here if you can get by the pay-wall 06:47

The fate of the $150 million in federal disaster aid still in limbo at year’s end

gdt iconThe Christmas season will come and go before fishermen and fishing communities discover the fate of the $150 million in federal disaster aid they seek in the final fiscal 2014 federal budget. Read more @GDT  08:25