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$8.3 million of federal fisheries disaster relief to be distributed to crew members

The long-awaited Round 2 of federal fisheries disaster relief was announced Wednesday, an $8.3 million pot to be distributed among industry members other than the permit holders who benefited from the first round of aid. Phase 2 will assist parts of the state’s groundfish industry including federal limited access multispecies permit holders, state permit holders, for-hire groundfish permit holders, crew members and others. Read the rest here 07:01

Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk eyes plan for fishing ‘transition’

gdt iconThe fishing industry, its advocates in Congress, notably Rep John Tierney, whose district includes Gloucester. Attorney General Martha Coakley and Gov. Deval Patrick have carried out an escalating effort to obtain federal fisheries disaster relief for the fleet — at a price tag $100 million — but have been unable to win the support of President Obama. A direct appeal by the governor to Valeria Jarrett, a senior White House advisor to the president, fell on deaf ears. continued