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P.E.I. Fishermen’s Association – Hunter Tootoo a good choice for federal fisheries minister

The head of the P.E.I. Fishermen’s Association is pleased with the appointment of Nunavut MP Hunter Tootoo as the new minister. Up until her defeat last month, Island fishermen had local Egmont MP Gail Shea as their minister. While there were many benefits to that, association executive director Ian MacPherson said Island fishermen are looking forward to a fresh take on the fishery from Tootoo. Read the rest here 09:41

FFAW President Meeting with Federal Fisheries Minister – proposed cuts to the shrimp quota

maine shrimpFFAW President Earle McCurdy will meet with federal Fisheries Minister Gail Shea next week to discuss the northern shrimp fishery. McCurdy attended a special meeting of the Northern Shrimp Advisory Committee in Ottawa yesterday to discuss the implications of proposed cuts to the quota. McCurdy says although he understands that the resource is not at peak levels, and quotas need to be adjusted, he say they must be done with a fair hand. Read more, and listen here