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Recreational fisherman gets prison time for lying about red snapper haul

The tall tales about a 2016 fishing trip have caught up with Jacob Brown. His crime was not braggadocio but telling a falsehood about a tremendous haul. The Lake Jackson man was sentenced Wednesday to two months in federal prison for lying about a massive haul of red and vermilon snapper he said was meant to supply an Easter fish fry. He later admitted the fish were to be sold to restaurants. click here to read the story 09:17

Judge orders federal prison for illegally smuggling live fish and corals from Florida Keys waters

Soliciting interstate sale of spotted eagle rays and lemon sharks illegally taken from the Keys “strikes to the very heart of this area and the economy of this area,” U.S. District Court Judge Jose Martinez said Monday as he sentenced Idaho residents Ammon Covino, 39, and co-defendant Christopher Conk, 40. The case involving the Idaho Aquarium was one of the biggest to emerge from what federal fisheries officers call Operation Rock Bottom, described as a “long-term investigation into the illegal harvesting and sale of marine life resources from the Florida Keys.” [email protected] 08:37