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FFAW-Unifor President Earle McCurdy – “What kind of second class citizens do they think fish harvesters are?”

No fewer than three ongoing issues highlight the degree of intrusion on traditional fishing grounds, McCurdy said. He said it is “shocking” that the Government of Canada is proposing a Marine Protected Area in the Laurentian Channel off the province’s south coast in which fishing would be prohibited but activities other than fishing . Read the rest here 09:17

DFO says halibut sharing arrangement in place since 1990s

fisheries_and_oceansThe department was responding to a story (posted yesterday) on The Telegram website Monday in which , the union representing most fishermen in Newfoundland and Labrador, claimed fishermen on the south coast of Newfoundland have been put out of business midseason because of unfair quota allocations by DFO in the halibut fishery. Read more here 11:44

A halibut issue impacts south coast fishermen

“This is absolutely the wrong way to run a fishery,” McCurdy said. “Fish should be allocated to active enterprises, not to wheeler-dealers sitting on the wharf.” He said halibut is a crucial component of a mixed-stock fishery in 3Ps. Without access to halibut, fishing becomes uneconomical. Prior to 2011, fixed gear enterprises in 3Ps could retain halibut up to 10 per cent of their total catch. Read more here 14:45