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Seeking an elusive, expensive catch: quotas

Dan Edwards was raised in a British Columbia household of eight kids, supported by fishing – as the family had been for generations. “It was never an easy life,” Mr. Edwards says. “My father and grandfather worked hard. But they made a living – fishing.”,,,  But what really makes fishing unprofitable for many Pacific fishermen is that about 70 per cent of the landed value (or gross revenue) of their catch can go to pay the owner of the fish. And the owner is not the province, the country, the Queen nor Njoror, the Norse god of the sea. The effective owner of B.C.’s fish is the holder of the individual transferable quota for catching them. >click to read< 22:14

Fishermen get that sinking feeling: New industry plans could squeeze out smaller family-owned operators

“Why do they have to get rid of small businesses just to make room for big business?’’ he said. “They do it with everything — look at the farms.’’ Australian Marine Alliance board member and fifth-generation commercial fisherman Jason Davidson said fishermen fear a plan to consolidate the industry and reduce latent shareholders will squeeze out smaller family-owned operators and open the gates for ­foreign ownership. Read more here 16:53