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Maryland’s veteran crab manager fired after watermen complain to Hogan

Maryland’s veteran manager of the state’s blue crab fishery was fired this week after a group of watermen complained to Gov. Larry Hogan about a catch regulation that they contend hurts their livelihood — but that scientists say is needed to ensure a sustainable harvest. Brenda Davis, crab program manager for the Department of Natural Resources and a 28-year state employee, said she was informed Tuesday that her services were no longer needed. In an interview Wednesday, Davis said Fisheries Director Dave Blazer gave no reason for her summary dismissal. But it came after Hogan met last week with about a dozen Dorchester County watermen who had been pressing Davis and the DNR for a change in a long-time regulation setting the minimum catchable size for crabs. Continue reading the story here 11:46

Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation says it has removed Russ George, Leader of B.C. ocean fertilization project

The California businessman behind a controversial ocean fertilization project off B.C.’s west coast has been fired, but the group behind the project says it still supports the concept. Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation says it has removed Russ George as a director and terminated his employment as an officer of the Haida Gwaii-based corporation. continued