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Protesters link fish and chips to dolphin by-catch

eight_col_DSC03841The group Maui and Hector’s Dolphin Defenders says the nets used to catch fish such as mullet and school shark – used in takeaways – trap and kill the dolphins. There are thought to be only 55 adult Maui’s dolphins left. But an industry group called the campaign emotional blackmail. The conservation group protested on in South Auckland yesterday at the use of gill nets. One of the group, 15-year-old environmentalist, Libby Christophers, said 95 percent of Maui’s deaths are caused by the nets. Read the rest here 14:31

No, global warming is not going to take away your fish and chips

No wonder, then, that when a new study came out yesterday seeming to suggest that the  due to climate change could threaten stocks of fish like haddock — one of the leading fish components of the dish, along with cod — there was something of a media freakout. “Global warming could make haddock and chips a thing of the past,” blared the UK Mirror. “Fish and chips on the brink of extinction due to warming seas,” added International Business Times. Many other headlines suggested more or less the same. Read the rest here 09:51