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Brunswick Maine fish kill. The Real Story, not that Fake News stuff.

This is a real guy, talking straight like a real guy. Invest ten minutes and listen. 19:28

A ‘Confluence of events’ may have caused mysterious fish kill off Nova Scotia

A federal scientist says the recent high-profile fish kill off southwestern Nova Scotia may have been caused by a “confluence of events,” including fish behaviour, weather, and various ecological factors such as predators. However, Alain Vezina says it’s still not known what caused thousands of herring and shellfish to wash ashore at several points between late November and through December. Vezina, who is regional director of science for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), says causes such as pollution, pesticides, and naturally occurring toxins have been ruled out. He says overall the kill was a “small and localized event” that occurred over a 100 kilometre swath from St. Marys Bay to Tusket. Read more here 14:47

Dairy farms taking a toll on Great Lakes, waterways

On an August weekend in 2009, campers in the Port Huron State Game Area began to realize there was something terribly wrong with the Black River. They were finding dead fish floating on the river’s surface. Eventually, the cause of the fish kill was traced to an excessive application of liquid cow manure at Noll Dairy Farm in Croswell. State officials said the discharge affected more than 20 miles of the river and killed about 218,000 fish. With blue-green algae blooms becoming a part of summer in Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair, concern is growing that nutrients — including those from cow manure and from large operations with more than 700 milk-producing animals — could be a long-term problem as farmers look for places to put cow waste. Read the rest here 10:29

Pollution may have killed hundreds of fish in Cockburn Sound: Scientist

A leading WA scientist says pollution may have killed more than 700 fish in Cockburn Sound, south of Perth. Over a four-day period from November 19-22, officers from the Department of Fisheries plucked hundreds of different species of fish from in and around the sound after getting a tip-off from anglers. The sound is a popular fishing spot with more than 12,000 boaties using the water each year. It is also used for commercial fishing with close to 130 different species of fish in the sheltered water body. Read the article here 15:15

Fish kill: Areas of Neuse River banks covered in dead menhaden

For as far as one can see, dead Atlantic menhaden lay sprawled out across the riverbank, the result of the Neuse River’s most recent fish kill. Travis Graves, Lower Neuse Riverkeeper, says that it is getting worse in numbers of and in size of the dead fish. “We’ve been seeing the ‘peanut’ or younger ones for a few weeks now, but more of the adults are beginning to show up dead on the shore now,” Read the rest here 21:25

Fish meet grisly end at Santa Cruz harbor – The only ones who didn’t complain about the dead fish were the birds!

“It’s kind of a natural occurrence that happens from time to time,” said John Haynes, acting harbormaster. “With the sheer number of anchovies we had in the bay this year, we had an idea it might happen, but we did everything we could.” Read more here 12:23