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Russell Wangersky: Fish science still taking a backseat

In science, it’s critically important to compare apples to apples. If you’re looking at comparing data sets, you have to know that you’re using the same comparative parameters, and that all parts of the equation are the same. But that might not be the case for a critical fishery survey being done off Nova Scotia. The coast guard vessel Alfred Needler can’t do the survey, because it’s laid up in the St. John’s shipyard undergoing refit — a refit that has had to be extended after additional work  was added. The Teleost, which normally would have done the work if the Needler couldn’t do the five-week trawl survey, is also laid up, and is also behind schedule. >click to read<17:44

East Hampton Star Editorial board spins – “The Right’s War On Science”

The East Hampton Star ran an editorial titled “The Right’s War On Science”, an extremist political rant regarding science denial. They listed plenty of examples like the 97% of scientist believe, Mitch McConnell, Bill McKibben founder of the 350.org campaign, and the like, then use the House of Representatives’ Committee on Natural Resources field hearing on Atlantic fisheries in Riverhead as another example of denial of certain elected representatives regarding NOAA fish science. It is obvious the East Hampton Star has not been listening to local fishermen when they defend NOAA,  like Rep Representative Jared Huffman( D-San Rafael) does. Read the editorial here 10:20