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Fish skin fashion is coming to the catwalks

What’s more, fish leather is an eco-friendly material; a byproduct of the food industry. “We only use fish skins from the food industry, which would otherwise go to waste,” says Sirpa. She admits, however, that it is not the easiest material to handle. “We order our materials from small fish tanneries, and the technology we use to produce the fish leather is kind of a commercial secret,” she smiles. “I can only tell you that it is quite a complicated process with many stages, including cleaning the raw fish skins and taking the oils away, followed by drying and dying. Read the rest here 09:20

Fish Skin Art Combines Past with Present

Native Alaskans and other people of the north have tanned fish skins for centuries to make bags, shoes, and other useful items. Now fish skin leather is appearing on high-end products from Prada, Nike, and Dior. Commercially produced salmon leather is made in mass in Europe and Chile, but in Alaska, it’s still made by hand, one fish at time. Read the rest here 15:20