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Fish farms: Dexter government pays big bucks to rag the puck

The recent announcement and commencement of a long and drawn-out process entitled “Independent Aquaculture Regulatory Review” is an almost perfect example of political diversion, delay and deceit. Diversion: The constant harassment of the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture by angry residents of coastal communities, lobster fishermen, angling associations, and citizens concerned about the environmental crisis caused by ocean-based fin-fish farms has been deliberately diverted to a panel of two Dalhousie law professors and a government-appointed board, all being paid from tax dollars to take the heat off minister Sterling Belliveau and the government. [email protected]

Mariner’s Day in works for Nova Scotia

The work and sacrifices of Nova Scotians who make a living at sea will be commemorated annually as the province sets aside a special day to honour them. Each year, the second Sunday in August will be known as Mariner’s Day in Nova Scotia. While speaking at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Sterling Belliveau announced on April 29, that he is introducing legislation to create the Mariner’s Day Act. “The recent tragic loss of five young men aboard the Miss Ally serves as a reminder of the dangers fishers face while supporting their families and communities,” said Belliveau. continued