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Impacts of mining spill on Fraser sockeye unknown

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2“Sockeye are currently migrating towards the Quesnel Lake system,” DFO spokesperson Michelle Imbeau wrote in an email to the Progress this week, responding to questions about local impacts. <Read more here> 08:49

Fall lobster season off to a windy start on P.E.I.

lobster season

Because of the windy forecast Fisheries and Oceans Canada didn’t make the final decision to go ahead with setting day until Thursday night. The Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association says five of 10 Island harbours wanted to wait until Monday. <Read more here> 07:54

Snow Crab and lobster in hot water! Fond of Snow crab? Hurry up! You may see less of this crustacean on your plate by 2070.

With the Snow Crab and Lobster Thermal Habitat Changes in the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence project, funded for one year starting in April 2012, “we wanted to use modelling to study thermal habitat changes in relation to climate change for these to Eastern Canada,” according to Mikio Moriyasu, head of the Snow Crab Section of the Gulf Fisheries Centre, based in Moncton. Read more here 12:41

Fisheries scientists head out for summer sea census – Most of the catch expected to be haddock, dogfish, silver hake and lobster

Ten scientists with Fisheries and Oceans Canada headed out from the dock at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography on Monday for a three-week research trip to conduct a so-called sea census. The goal is to determine the health of Canada’s East Coast fish populations and check on the state of the water they live in. Read more here 07:12

Feds Quintuple Allowed Catch on Endangered Salmon Species

Fisheries and Oceans Canada is allowing commercial fishermen to catch five times as many endangered coho salmon in anticipation of this year’s massive sockeye run on the Fraser River. Read more here 13:18

Canada mulled withdrawing from program that snagged illegal Chinese fishing boat

yinyuaun 2Canadian authorities last year seriously questioned their continued participation in international efforts to scour the Pacific Ocean for illegal drift net fishing boats. “We internally debated whether we should even continue because we could only identify legitimate fishing vessels,” Fisheries and Oceans Canada conservation and protection director Larry Paike said in an interview. Read more here 18:30

First Nation threatening fisheries blockade waits for DFO’s call

A B.C. First Nation threatening to block commercial fisheries in its traditional waters said it’s still waiting for a meaningful discussion with the federal government about a dispute over the geoduck harvest. Meanwhile, the Stz’uminus Nation is reaching out to commercial fishermen and other involved parties to try and reach an understanding so a blockade can be avoided. Read more here  15:53

Bay of Fundy starting to see fewer young lobster

CBC_News_logoScientists are reporting a sharp decline in the number of young lobsters settling off the coast of Maine and in the waters southwest of Nova Scotia. Fisheries and Oceans Canada scientist John Tremblay says landings off of Nova Scotia will be impacted. Read more here 08:46

Fisheries and Oceans Canada wants to create a commercial green crab fishery on Prince Edward Island.

CBC_News_logoIn order to get one of the 22 green crab licences, fishermen need to trade in an eel licence. Eels are a threatened species. “Real potential for a green crab fishery in the east end of the Island,” said Beach Point fisherman Wendell MacKenzie. Read more here  07:27

MOSSOM CREEK: Port Moody hatchery to be a leader in sustainability

Plans to build a state-of-the-art hatchery and education facility on the footprint of the destroyed Mossom Creek Hatchery are taking shape. With a cost initially pegged at $1.2 million, including corporate and community donations and in-kind services, a low-impact, innovative building is set to rise from the ashes and could be open by next spring. Read more here tricitynews  19:46

Greenland telecom goes after Fisheries and Oceans Canada to get Trawler location information

CBC_News_logoThe company wants to know which fishing trawler’s gear broke one of its underwater internet and phone cables. Subsea cables crisscross the ocean so people can make overseas phone calls or surf the web on the other side of the world. Read more here cbcnews  07:55

Huge haddock tows from Georges Bank land in Nova Scotia – Fish sent to U.S., where windfall coincides with lower Canadian dollar

A huge increase in the haddock catch off Georges Bank has the southwestern Nova Scotia port of West Pubnico booming this week. Pubnico’s concrete wharfs have been swarming with forklifts and semi-trailer trucks for days as the fleet lands some of the 16 million kilograms of Georges Bank haddock available for fishermen to catch this year. Fisheries and Oceans Canada has increased the 2014 quota by 250 per cent, to 16,470 metric tons. Read [email protected]  19:48

Lobster season off southern N.S. opens after weather delay – optimism as dumping day begins

CBC_News_logoFisheries and Oceans Canada had postponed the opening for five days, fearing poor weather during the past week would make it too dangerous for fishermen. The Canadian Coast Guard and dozens of fisheries officers are monitoring the first day. In Meteghan, N.S., crowds gathered at the wharf Saturday morning. Fishermen there say it’s been one of the longest weather delays to the start of the season in recent memory. [email protected]

Eel fishery going swimmingly after rocky times

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2At times, the cramped confines of a 20-foot long and five-foot wide aluminum Dory boat can test the love of this eel fishing couple. But George Dowdle says even when outings from the New London wharf get a bit testy, he and his wife Marlene manage to “leave the office on the water.’’ Getting along with other commercial eel fishermen, however, has been a challenge in the past for Dowdle, a burly, bearded fisherman with a Grizzly Adams-like appearance.  [email protected]  07:03

Biologists from Fisheries and Oceans Canada confirm that a single live Grass Carp has been caught near Dunnville, Ontario in the Grand River

This specimen follows an earlier catch of a grass carp on April 27, 2013 in the same area. Testing has confirmed that this specimen was sterile; and, therefore, not able to reproduce. [email protected] 13:49

No charges in probe of fishery firm

RCMP have concluded a four-year investigation into the Shubenacadie Band’s fishery without laying charges. Fisheries and Oceans Canada contacted the police in 2009 to look into the management of a contribution agreement between the department and the band. The deal, signed in 2005 and awash in controversy, gave a band-operated company $5 million for a commercial fishery and covered the purchase of gear, boats, licences and other items. [email protected]

Cod quota pilot project extended

Fisheries and Oceans Canada is announcing an extension to the pilot project for the 2013 season that introduced measures to promote greater utilization. [email protected]

Four Nova Scotia cases involving federal fishing violations have resulted in fines totalling $136,420

fisheries_and_oceansConvictions resulted from “extensive investigations” involving fishery officers from Sydney, Bridgewater and Meteghan, said a news release. [email protected]

1,000 lobster boats tie up to protest low prices

thechronicalherald – “We’ve got to stick together,” Dan MacDougall, president of the Gulf Nova Scotia Bonafide Fishermen’s Association, told the crowd. continued

Death of whale found at B.C. salmon farm remains a mystery – Video

Fisheries officials investigating the death of a humpback whale discovered inside a fish farm are hoping to figure out whether the farm’s net played any role in the mammal’s death. continue reading

Wilful Blindness from Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Fisheries and Oceans Canada has put back on the table the idea of ​​reintroducing groundfish trawling, counter to what minister Shea said in 2009. A new presentation from an officer of the Department was made to participants in the Groundfish Advisory Committee in Moncton on March 12 and 13 2012. Furthermore, several scientific reports show that trawlers, in addition to destroying the resource, annihilate everything that is in the seabed, removing any physical structure in their path. continue

Fish farm rejected by Nova Scotia government, risk to wild salmon cited

The province’s Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Sterling Belliveau, said Fisheries and Oceans Canada expressed concern about the salmon farm’s impact on wild salmon in the bay near Sheet Harbour during the 22-month review process. The federal department said the site would represent a moderate risk to wild salmon. continue

Rescue teams race to sinking fishboat in Georgia Strait, off Vancouver

Coast Guard hovercraft arrived before tugboat operators could deploy their rescue boat – Watch video from CBCnews -British Columbia

VANCOUVER – Two people may be safe after a fishing boat sank off Vancouver, but the incident has reignited debate about marine-rescue response times after the closure of a coast guard station. The rescue on Wednesday morning in the frigid waters of Georgia Strait, off Point Grey, occurred just two weeks after shuttered the Kitsilano Canadian Coast Guard station. Read more