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P.E.I. lobster season extended four days

The P.E.I. Fishermen’s Association asked for an extension of the season to make up for the late start, and on Thursday Fisheries and Oceans Minister Gail Shea announced a four-day extension. “This four-day extension strikes the right balance between ensuring we protect our precious resource while allowing our fishermen to get more days out fishing,” said Shea in a news release. Read the rest here 05:33

FFAW members protest federal ‘attacks’ on N.L. fisheries – P.E.I.’s halibut quota a “kick in the gut”

Around 50 fishers and several politicians came out in front of the Joseph R. Smallwood building to voice their anger with the decisions of Fisheries and Oceans Minister Gail Shea.  FFAW members say recent policies appeal to Maritime voters while disadvantaging workers in this province. “These continued attacks by the federal Conservative government on rural Newfoundland and Labrador are shameful,” FFAW president Keith Sullivan said in a statement. Read the rest here 09:51

Prince Edward Island Lobster season should be extended, says fisheries minister

P.E.I. Fisheries Minister Alan McIsaac has written to his federal counterpart, Fisheries and Oceans Minister Gail Shea, to ask for an extension to the lobster season. Because of ice conditions around the scheduled April 30 season start date, fishermen on the North Shore were delayed getting out of their harbours by eight days, and fishermen on the South Shore were delayed 11 days. An extension of the lobster season would benefit everyone involved in the fishery, said McIsaac. Read the rest here 12:18

Federal fisheries minister expresses fish export optimism

Shea joined industry representatives on a conference call Monday from Seafood Expo North America in Boston to share her optimism for the industry. The free trade deal with South Korea, Shea said, is projected to increase Canadian exports by 32 per cent and boost the Canadian economy by $1.7 billion annually. Read the rest here 08:08

PEI Fishermen’s Association receives support to conduct research on the growing halibut industry.

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2Fisheries and Oceans Minister Gail Shea, on behalf of the Honourable Rob Moore, Minister of State for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), and PEI Fisheries, Aquaculture and Rural Development Minister Ron MacKinley were in Summerside to announce a combined investment of $153,600 for the Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association (PEIFA) to conduct Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association (PEIFA). Read more here  07:14

Fisheries science books disposal costs Ottawa thousands

fisheries_and_oceansThe information comes from the office of Fisheries and Oceans Minister Gail Shea. It was prompted by a request from Liberal MP Lawrence MacAulay last October, after reports surfaced that seven Fisheries and Oceans libraries were being closed and the materials destroyed. Read [email protected]  08:00