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Gloucester Times Editorial: City Council motion on fed fishing aid sends key message

gdt iconAnd while it may have little or no direct impact in the decision making at NOAA or in the hall’s of the state’s marine fisheries leaders, it shows that the city of Gloucester is indeed united in seeking this aid and monitoring where it goes. Read more here  07:54


130724-Al_Cattone_244x183“Once again I join with my colleagues to strongly urge for the inclusion of fisheries disaster assistance in the FY2014 Omnibus Appropriations bill. The letter we sent adds to the verbal request I recently made to the Chairman. It is unacceptable that businesses declared to be in a state of economic disaster have been waiting for nearly 15 months for assistance. I call on House Leadership to follow the lead of Senate appropriators and secure $150 million in disaster assistance to provide relief to fishermen throughout the country,” said Rep. Tierney. Read [email protected]  11:38

Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island governors ask Congress for $100 million in fisheries disaster assistance

WASHINGTON — September 12, 2012 — The governors of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island today wrote to Senate and House leadership requesting $100 million in federal disaster assistance contingent upon a federal disaster declaration for New England fisheries from the Department of Commerce.  The text of the letter follows.


Each of us will collaborate with our fishermen and the Department of Commerce to develop a detailed spending plan to address the needs of our individual communities and states

My only question fisherynation is, are YOU being represented?