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Prince Rupert Sends Letter to Fisheries Minister On Importance of Processing Fish At Home

Councillor Joy Thorkelson presented a motion to council to have the letter ask for better policies to ensure Canadian fish caught at home is processed at home instead of somewhere overseas. “An example is pink salmon is being frozen and sent to China, Vietnam, or the Philippines for processing. We’re buying it back in Canada when it’s processed in Asia. Those are our jobs. Those are Canadian jobs, those are good union jobs that support this community. We used to have 750 people working; this year had about 135 people working processing fish.” click here to read the story 22:59

‘Alarm bells ringing’ as Queensland Fisheries Minister responds to scallop stock collapse

6123326-3x2-700x467A stock assessment of scallops has revealed critically low numbers off the Queensland coast, just 6 per cent of their original biomass. Catches in the past year are at the lowest level since records began almost 40 years ago. Queensland’s Fisheries Minister Bill Byrne, only six days into the portfolio after the departure of former minister Leanne Donaldson, admits the situation is so dire, the Government had considered imposing a total ban. Instead, it had opted to permanently close a number of ‘replenishment areas’, covering 11 per cent of the scallop grounds, that were due to reopen in January. An annual spawning closure from May 1 to October 31 would also be introduced in an urgent bid to rebuild stocks. Keeping these closed and implementing winter closures were expected to impact on up to 40 per cent of the annual catch, based on recent fishing history. Read the story here 16:04

Dominic LeBlanc shuns ‘part-time’ label, talks of future legacy as fisheries minister

dominic-leblancDominic LeBlanc spoke Wednesday about the legacy he hopes to leave as fisheries minister, a signal his appointment may not be as short-term as some of his critics have suggested. LeBlanc, who also works as government house leader, was appointment as minister of fisheries, oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard in a surprise announcement came last week, after the abrupt resignation of Hunter Tootoo. Tootoo resigned from cabinet and left the Liberal caucus to seek treatment for addiction issues, after what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said was a “very difficult situation.” “As some of you know, I have been on this job now for eight days,” LeBlanc said in his opening remarks at the launch of a national summit in Ottawa to mark World Oceans Day. He said that he hopes 40 years from now, “the legacy for me … is defined by the work that I can do with all of you on protecting and preserving our oceans, the ecosystems in our oceans, and leaving a legacy and a footprint that would inspire the people in this room and those whom you represent.” Read the story here 14:35

Brawl erupts at fisheries meeting

fishmen brawl shrilankaA brawl erupted at a discussion held under the patronage of Fisheries Minister Mahinda Amaraweera today. The discussion was held in Chilaw, Sri Lanka regarding the issues faced by the fishermen. A debate which broke out between two fishermen regarding matters concerning fishing equipment escalated to a brawl. However, the Minister had left the meeting amidst security while the clash was going on. Link 16:48

First Nations seek meeting with fisheries minister

Members of the First Nations Wild Salmon Alliance in British Columbia have written to federal hunter-tootoo, requesting an urgent meeting to discuss plunging salmon returns in the province’s rivers. The alliance’s Chief Bob Chamberlin says six million sockeye salmon were forecast for the Fraser River this year, but only two million fish arrived, while 14 million pink salmon were expected, but barely one-third showed up. Read the rest here 18:56

Court finds ‘enormous systemic problem’ in enforcement of Species at Risk Act

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2OTTAWA – A Federal Court judge has ruled that the environment minister and the fisheries minister both broke the law when they failed to enforce the Species at Risk Act. David Suzuki Foundation, Greenpeace Canada and the Sierra Club of British Columbia get a payday. Read [email protected]  15:41

Egmont MP Gail Shea has returned to her former post as fisheries minister, from National Revenue into Fisheries and Oceans during a major cabinet shuffle Monday.

“I want what every fisherman wants, that is, to be a viable business so they can make a decent living from a sustainable fishery. I’ve said from day one the answers, the solutions have to come from the industry so I would hope that there will be a fulsome discussion in the fall and going into the winter that will come from the report that will be generated.” [email protected]