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Fisheries observer program spawns more questions

The fisheries observer program that looms over the industry in the Northeast won’t go out for public comment until at least December, the New England Fisheries Management Council decided Tuesday. Years in the making, the preliminary draft of the measure numbers about 500 pages, testimony to the complexity of the effort. Then there is the cost, which the council staff researched and broke down. It detailed the costs of what the industry will have to pay, and what it will cost the government. Read the rest here 09:24

U.S. House committee reviewing fisheries observer program

The Magnuson Stevens Act – the federal law that manages and regulates the nation’s fisheries – will expire September 30th. Today, a U.S. House committee formally started the re-authorization process. And as APRN’s Peter Granitz reports, changes could be on the horizon for how the government monitors fishermen’s catch. continue