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SMAST founding dean, chancellor medal recipient Brian Rothschild, reflects on state of fisheries science

Brian RothschildDr. Brian Rothschild already had a stellar career in fisheries and marine science when he came to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 20 years ago to head the fledgling Center for Marine Science, now known as the School for Marine Science and Technology. He built that institution from the ground up, recruiting top talent and developing a strong reputation in the field of fisheries, ocean science, and industry regulations. At 81, he is officially retired, but continues his scientific work unburdened, he says, by the demands of management. Read the interview here 12:06

A review of the past, the present, and the future of fishers’ knowledge research: a challenge to established fisheries science

Fishers’ knowledge research is an approach to fisheries research that has a relatively long history, yet has generally failed to become integrated into the fisheries science mainstream alongside approaches that rely primarily on the knowledge of professional scientists. Its continued position on the margins of fisheries science has not however stopped fishers’ knowledge researchers from publishing an expanding literature, which they often use to advocate for the greater consideration of fishers’ knowledge by fisheries scientists and managers. Read the rest here 09:35