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UK Fishermen – Storm Surges and Wind Farms – Economic Disaster

The government fund will allow people who make their living from the sea to receive up to £5,000 to replace lost or damaged fishing gear including crab and lobster pots. It comes as the Fishermen’s Mission also launched a nationwide appeal for emergency funds to aid people in coastal communities who have been unable to land any catches, as a result of the severe storms. Cromer crab fisherman John Lee, chairman of the North Norfolk Fisheries Local Action Group, said the major issues facing fishermen were offshore wind farms and the possibility of creating a Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) off the north Norfolk coast. Read more here  07:40

Fishermen’s Mission Appeal for Filipino Fishermen page

This is the page dedicated to helping Filipino fishermen, fishing in UK waters, to return home during this time of crisis.  If you would like to make a donation towards this appeal we would be so grateful.  All gifts made via this appeal will be used only to support Filipino fishermen more here  16:37