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StripedBassHole, The old GDT Blog, and Opening our Eyes to Global Issues

It’s interesting how blind we can become to the World around us. News in general be it written, Radio, Television, Internet, you name it. Has a great influence on us and the information is funneled by the direction of the owner of whichever form of Media you are drawn too. Now we can either be Sheep and absorb it and say well that’s the way it is or keep an open mind and seek out other sources. The truth being you’ll never know for sure unless you witness it and have a good understanding of other factors relevant to the event, even that’ll leave gray areas. So it all comes down to TRUST. Read the rest here 16:09

Conservationists Spar With Fishermen Over World’s Largest Marine Monument

No FishingFrom the article: “It is very likely that the canneries would go away if the proposed monument expands,”, “they are getting squeezed” by increasing regulations and competition from Asia. Monica Medina, the senior director of International Ocean Policy for National Geographic, says the debate over whether to expand the monument really should not hinge on a cost-and-benefit analysis to fisheries. Read the rest here 15:17:34

Drawing The Line – Full Documentary – 2014

Drawing The Line is a revealing tale about Australia’s oceans and the men and women who depend upon it for their livelihood. The ocean is a fickle mistress, friend one day foe the next, but the Australian Fishing Industry faces a threat that is far greater than any they immediately face at sea. 18:31

Fraser sockeye shun U.S. waters, fill B.C. nets

A quirk of nature has handed B.C. commercial fishermen a huge catch of sockeye salmon this summer, while leaving their American counterparts almost empty handed. Commercial fishing is winding down and the tally of the totes so far shows U.S. fishermen out of Washington State have caught barely 440,000 sockeye, a mere five per cent of the total Fraser-bound catch as of Friday. Read the rest here 17:18

The Real “Seafood Fraud” Mislabelin​g Miscreants

What is this “mislabeling” and “seafood fraud” scuffle all about these days? Why, you might ask, is Oceana suddenly so concerned about “truth in packaging” for fish? And what is behind their somewhat baffling concern for the fish-consuming public? Actually, Pew, Oceana, EDF, NRDC, and CLF (and too long a list of their additional subsidiaries to cite here) have for many years been doing some of their own “mislabeling” and “seafood fraud”. They’ve been “mislabeling” fishermen as overfishing-greedy-habitat-destroyers.   Read the rest here 15:55

Tomorrow’s Catch: A Proposal to Strengthen the Economic Sustainability of U.S. Fisheries – Costello

This proposal calls for an amendment to the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, the federal law currently guiding the management of U.S. fisheries, that would, for certain fisheries, require transparent comparison of the economic, social, and ecological trade-offs between status quo management and these alternatives. Read the rest here   Full paper here  14:49

Tonight On the Fisheries Broadcast, Fisherynation.com

mza_1601165783653993600_255x255-75Jamie Baker of the Fisheries Broadcast interviews Fisherynation.com. 17:30, 16:00 eastern. Link I’m nervous!  14:02

From the Moderator – We did some upgrades to Fisherynation.com

fn5-e1389563516708When you log on, it might look like the same ‘ole website, but if you’re using a phone or tablet, the first thing you should notice is it actually works on your device! That’s because its a “responsive” site. The next thing you should notice is the speed. We optimized the site, so when you click on something on the menu bar, or the comment button, you get there fast. Real fast! Read more here  15:36

If you were looking for fish articles over the weekend,,,,,

We posted l0001inks to 58 articles this weekend, from every region and Canada, from science, and ocean industrialization article’s to fishery reports. We posted an AD&F notice about the  Herring  Seine / Gillnet opener within twenty five minutes of their notice on Saturday evening. When we see it, we post it. For some reason, these things seem important. BH