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Editorial: Hail fishing aid when it reaches those who need it

gdt iconBut you should excuse fishermen and even federal and state lawmakers if all this good news didn’t exactly touch off celebrations along the docks, and in the halls of government, where people like Congressman John Tierney called it simply “the next critical step in the process.” That’s because it’s also clear that this money — desperately needed by front-line fishermen months ago — is still weeks, and likely months from reaching them. Read more here  03:19

Letter: Welcome fishing aid no long-term answer – Sam Parisi, Gloucester

gdt iconThanks to Congressman John Tierney, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, state Sen. Bruce Tarr, Mayor Carolyn Kirk and others, we finally sent a strong message to Congress conveying that our fishermen need help. Now, let’s just see to it that these funds go to those who need it most — our fishermen. Read [email protected]  01:41

Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey take different tacks on fishing aid

gdt iconWarren sees the road to Saltonstall-Kennedy reform going through the ongoing reauthorization process for the over-arching Magnuson-Stevens Act that governs and regulates the nation’s fisheries and fishing industry. Markey’s preference is to pursue Saltonstall-Kennedy reform through the appropriations process for the Department of Commerce, rather than through filing a bill. [email protected] 00:26