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Helicopter lands on Frying Pan Shoal as rescuers try to save fishing captain

There are questions about why the captain of a fishing boat in trouble off the northeast coast of mainland Nova Scotia was not rescued Wednesday when the other crew members were picked up. Fisherman’s Provider II started sinking Tuesday after running ground on a rocky shoal about four kilometres off Canso. There were four people on board at the time. Another fishing vessel, the Miss Lexi, came to the stranded men’s aid and managed to get three of the fishermen off the vessel. But the captain refused to leave and stayed on the boat. >click to read< 14:11

Fishing captain who helped save Tamil refugees passes away

Gus Dalton, a fishing captain who was by most accounts — including his own — an accidental hero for saving the lives of more than 150 Tamil refugees off southern Newfoundland, has died. He was 87. Dalton made international headlines in August 1986 when a routine fishing trip on a foggy evening took a fateful turn.  Scores of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees may have perished had it not been for Dalton, who came across their open boats about six miles off St. Shott’s, on the southern tip of Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula. >click here to read< 19:39

Fishing captain saved 9 Chinese fishermen from burning ship – honored for his heroic, lifesaving actions

Eleven Chinese fisherman, four badly burned or dying, floated in a life raft near their boat that had exploded into flames in the middle of nowhere in the Pacific Ocean. The smoke plume caught the eye of a helicopter pilot scouting for tuna for a fishing vessel skippered by Point Loma native Capt. Gregory Virissimo. Over the next several excruciating hours, the captain and his crew raced to the rescue, hauled the men onto their own vessel and coordinated with the U.S. Coast Guard and Air Force to fly in doctors and medical supplies. Read the rest here 11:39

Fishing captain facing murder charge released on $60,000 bail

Dwayne Samson, captain of the Twin Maggies lobster fishing boat, based in Arichat, is charged along with two crew members with second-degree murder after what the RCMP are calling an “incident on the water” on June 1 at the mouth of Petit de Grat Harbour. [email protected]