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Connecticut – Stonington commercial fishermen to recycle old gear

Commercial fishing boats at the Town Dock have begun participating in the Fishing for Energy partnership, a program that offers fishermen a way to recycle old fishing gear for free. The gear will be stripped of metals for recycling with the help of Schnitzer Steel and processed into clean, renewable energy at the Covanta SECONN Energy-from-Waste Facility in Preston. The Town Dock is the first port in the state to participate in the program and fishermen can deposit gear in a collection bin at the dock. >click to read<15:39

Project draws energy from old fishing gear

gdt iconThrough a program called Fishing for Energy, the gear is collected in Gloucester and Rockport and trucked to Covanta’s Waste-to-Energy facility in Haverhill, where most of it — and other trash— is converted to energy while metal is collected and recycled. [email protected]

This is getting the attention of a few news outlets today, but it’s old news! We told you about this on July 30, 2013 – Feeding the Fire – Fishing for Energy Partnership Ports of Gloucester, MA  Martha’s Vineyard to Participate. This is a common occurrence. If you see it today somewhere else, there’s a good chance we told you about it days ago. http://fisherynation.com/archives/12417