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Cherry-picking the facts undermines green groups

What is it with some environmental groups and their appetite to be selective with the facts and not present a true reflection of our fisheries? The Pew Foundation and New Economics Foundation (NEF) appear to be in a league of their own in this department as is so vividly reflected by their two most recent reports. Pew in its ‘Turning the Tide’ report stated that in many cases the EU’s Atlantic nations set fishing limits ‘contrary’ to recent reform of the Common Fisheries Policy and continue to ‘overfish’ for many species. Meanwhile, NEF claimed that many stocks were fished beyond scientific advice and thus endangering fish stocks. Read the rest here 17:20

Welcome to Fishing for the Truth – This is from Scotland, but it might as well be New England!

Welcome to Fishing for the Truth, a website dedicated to providing factual information on Scottish fisheries and the important role they play in supplying sustainably caught Scottish seafood that is renowned around the world for its quality. Scottish fishermen have become increasingly concerned about the amount of misinformation that is currently being peddled in the public domain about our fisheries. Fishing for the Truth is a factual resource designed to inform about the true state of our stocks and the various sustainability measures that have been adopted by the Scottish fleet in recent years. [email protected]

Must read: Fishermen caught in a net of bureaucracy – I have quickly come to lament the absurdity of a management system designed by consultants, environmental activists and celebrity chefs, rather than by those who have any idea how it could work. Link  12:28