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Faulty Autopilot, Empty Wheelhouse Led to Grounding off Georgia

A captain’s decision to turn on a recently-repaired autopilot and then leave the wheelhouse led to the grounding and sinking of a fishing vessel off Cumberland Island, Georgia, according to the NTSB. On June 7, two days before the casualty, the captain of the shrimp trawler F/V Sage Catherine Lane found that he couldn’t turn off the autopilot, and he had to unplug it to get back manual control. He tried to troubleshoot the issue,,, On June 9, 2021, the vessel was transiting outbound on the St. Marys River, making nine knots. The captain, who had 30 years of experience in commercial fishing. set the vessel’s autopilot, then answered a phone call and went below to his stateroom. >click to read< 18:25

Why every American should care that diesel prices are surging across the country

To many Americans, including politicians, diesel prices are so removed from their version of reality that they often dismiss the importance of diesel to the U.S. and global economies. Today’s truckstop retail diesel prices hit a new record of $5.32/gallon. However, diesel is the fuel that drives the economy and leaves major industries vulnerable to cost shocks. Without diesel fuel, the U.S. economy would collapse in a matter of days. Our supply chains would completely shrivel, almost overnight. Trucks use it to haul our goods across the country. Of all Class 8 trucks (the big ones), 97% use diesel. A world without diesel would mean that our grocery stores and restaurants would run out of food, retail store shelves would be empty, and hospitals would run out of medical supplies. But that is just scratching the surface. Farmers use diesel to power most of their machinery. Nearly every fishing vessel around the world uses diesel for power. Without diesel, our fishing food supply chain would collapse. >click to read< 17:39

North Korean fishing trawler presumed scrapped returns from the dead

A large North Korean fishing vessel supposedly scrapped years ago reappeared last month, state media showed, renewing uncertainty over just how well ship trackers can monitor the country’s commercial fleet. The ship in question is the Sam Chon Li 1, a 3,800-ton trawler that last broadcast over its automatic identification system (AIS) in late 2018 with an unknown destination, according to maritime intelligence platform MarineTraffic. Records show the ship is either “decommissioned or lost,” suggesting it had been scrapped. But KCTV footage from late last month appears to show a fully intact Sam Chon Li 1 docked at Sinpho,,, >click to read<  21:48

UPDATED: Spanish fishing boat sinks off Canada; 7 dead, 14 missing

A Spanish fishing boat sank early Tuesday in rough seas off Newfoundland,,, The 50-meter (164-feet) long fishing boat named F/V Villa de Pitanxo, which operates out of northwest Spain’s Galicia region, sank in the dark (around 0600 GMT, 1 a.m. EST), Survivors include vessel’s 53-year-old skipper and his 42-year-old nephew, according to La Voz de Galicia newspaper. The two men contacted their families by phone, A rescue center in Halifax, Nova Scotia, operated by Canada’s air force and coast guard, dispatched a helicopter, a Hercules-type aircraft and a rescue vessel to the area, which is 450 kilometers (280 miles) off the island of Newfoundland. >click to read< 14:49

Search Underway for Crew of Spanish Fishing Trawler That Sank Off Newfoundland

International reports indicate a Spanish fishing trawler sank approximately 450 km off the east coast of Newfoundland in the early morning hours and a search is underway for the vessel’s crew. Spanish and American media are reporting that life rafts have been located and at least four people are dead. The Voice of Galicia is reporting that the Villa de Pitanxo, which sank shortly after midnight Newfoundland time, has a crew of 24, and while three survivors have been located, there are a number of fatalities. >click to read<

Several Dead As Spanish Fishing Boat Sinks Off Canada: Coastguard – Rescuers saved three crew members and were continuing to search for survivors after the Spanish fishing sank off Canada’s east coast. >click to read< 09:16

Tacoma’s 70 years: A personal perspective

Last month MFV Almonta sank on its mooring for a second time. This once proud member of the Port Lincoln tuna fleet now sits forlorn, half submerged in Porter Bay. It seems likely another part of the 60s tuna fleet is to be lost. I am guessing funds are short and too few people care enough to keep her afloat. This gives me pause for thought. A short distance away in the Marina sits the MFV Tacoma – afloat, fully preserved, debt free, self-funded and heritage listed. >click to read< 07:36

Updated: Crews Save Sinking Vessel Taking on Water in St. John’s Harbour

Crews were able to save a vessel from sinking after it began taking on water in St. John’s Harbour, but the feat was no easy task. The scene on the waterfront was dramatic Thursday morning with the ship listing badly against the side of the dock. Crews were eventually able to stabilize the ship, and no fuel from the vessel escaped into the water. >click to read<Sinking fishing vessel stabilized in St. John’s harbour amid 1st winter storm – “We feel we’re in control now, and I guess the next step for owner and crew is to determine where the water was coming in and get a grip on that,” English said. In a statement, the coast guard said it had stabilized the vessel by mid-afternoon that the owner had identified and fixed the leak. >click to read< 09:35

Fishing Vessel Taking on Water in St. John’s Harbour

Over a dozen coast guard workers are on the scene of a capsizing fishing vessel in St. John’s harbour Thursday morning, trying to save the boat from sinking as it takes on water. The crew is using hoses to pump water from the Executioner as it lists dangerously on the south side of the city’s wharf. >click to read< – A frantic effort is underway on the St. John’s waterfront to save a fishing vessel listing dramatically on the South Side. The Coast Guard environmental response team is on scene along with about 15 workers frantically trying to pump out the hold which has filled with water due to an apparent leak. photos, >click to read< 10:14

Former Challenger Becomes Becomes New Harvest Moon

Skipper James Third and his son AJ Third have bought the twin-rig prawn trawler Challenger FR 90, renaming her Harvest Moon FR 366. The vessel was built in 2010 by Parkol Marine Engineering to an SC McAllister design for Martin and Chaz Bruce and their late father Alistair Bruce of Fuimus LLP of Fraserburgh. The vessel has main dimensions of 19m LOA, beam 7m and 4.24 moulded depth, and a Caterpillar C32 main engine. >click to read< 13:03

F/V Bear still stuck in the sand at Island Beach State Park

A 68-foot fishing boat named Bear was (remains) stuck in the sand Thursday morning after it ran aground at the southern end of Island Beach State Park overnight, according to the Coast Guard. Sometime Wednesday night, watchstanders at the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Delaware Bay received a report through VHF Channel 16 of a grounded fishing boat in the sand with three people aboard, officials said. Video, 20 photos, >click to read< 09:42

F/V Bear Update: Drone Footage Shows Grounded Boat Taking a Beating

A bird’s-eye view of the the fishing vessel F/V Bear, a 68-foot scallop boat that became grounded at Island Beach State Park over the weekend, spent another day at the mercy of the waves as crews have yet to be able to free her. In the meantime, new drone footage posted by a YouTuber known as SuazOnn shows the sheer scale of the weight that must be hauled in order to refloat the vessel, which was built in 1984. Video, photos, >click to read< 09:38

New Jersey: Grounded Fishing Boat Still on the Beach

The fishing vessel F/V Bear, a 68-foot boat built in 1984, according to a federal registration database, remained in the surf zone and led to the closure of an area of the park to vehicles and anglers Sunday. State officials closed Area 23 of the park due to concerns over high tides and strong winds Sunday into Monday. “If the boat shifts position, it may create safety and access issues if the boat turns perpendicular to shore,” an announcement said. Video, >click to read< 08:03

A whelk fishing vessel hit a bell buoy off the Vineyard

The vessel was on autopilot when the incident occurred, according to the vessel’s master Michael Briggs. Briggs said he was at the stern of his boat when it hit the buoy. The boat, which has no name across the transom, is up on jacks in Vineyard Haven. A section of the bow has been  smashed, leaving a green-smudged hole. Briggs said the boat, a 35-footer, dates from the mid 1970s and is wooden with a fiberglass skin. He said his bilges couldn’t keep up with the incoming water after the buoy strike and he had to radio for help. Eventually he said he jammed a t-shirt into the hole to staunch the inflow. photos, >click to read< 15:17

Conflicting statements create confusion over future of old Ayr fishing boat

The MVF Watchful has been sitting on an old slipway in Ayr’s South Harbour for around two decades. Previous attempts to have the vessel restored have sunk without a trace. Now campaigners, who are concerned the vessel’s condition is beyond redemption, have been left scratching their heads over differing accounts over its future from a local councillor and South Ayrshire Council. Both accounts from the local authority and the Ayr West Councillor appeared to contradict each other and Ayrshire Live was asked to investigate. >click to read< 09:11

Fishing vessel with NZ links believed to be at centre of Fiji beheading at sea

The TIRO II is listed as belonging to Nelson-based company Ocean Vision Ltd on the Ministry for Primary Industries website, and is shown to be near Fiji on the international Marine tracking website. The longline tuna boat and its crew have been at the centre of a major search operation in Fijian waters since six men abandoned ship after the alleged beheading. Five of the six men who jumped overboard remain missing. >click to read< 08:48

F/V Tyhawk: wreckage of the fishing vessel has been located

Members of a community-led search team have spotted the wreckage of the fishing vessel Tyhawk that capsized off the Nova Scotia coast at the start of snow crab season earlier this month. The boat is in more than 70 metres of water. Craig (Jumbo) Sock, the boat’s captain, has been missing since the accident on April 3. He has not been located. The search team used an underwater camera to locate the boat. It is in an area where the boat was last reported. Volunteer searchers made the discovery Sunday. >click to read< 07:58

N.S. fishing vessel overloaded with fish, fuel, ice and freshwater at time of sinking

In its investigation report released Wednesday, the board said the Atlantic Sapphire should have been carrying no more than 41 long tons of cargo. When it sank around 11 p.m. on Dec. 13, 2018, the trawler was loaded with over 60 long tons, putting it about 46 per cent over capacity. “On the occurrence voyage, the crew caught a full load of fish in less time than on any other trip that year, so there was more fuel, freshwater, and ice on board than usual,” the report said. “The crew did not appreciate the risk to the vessel’s stability created by this excess weight,,, >click to read< 19:33

Video: RNLI Peterhead rescue of fishing boat just seconds away from crashing on to rocks

The alarm was raised at 4.30pm when one fishing vessel was towing another into Peterhead Harbour and the tow broke due to stormy conditions. The video, from RNLI Peterhead, shows the heroic effort by volunteers to rescue the vessel that was just seconds away from crashing. The vessel was dangerously close to crashing into the rocks at Peterhead South Breakwater and due to an easterly gale and significant swell combined with a backwash. photos, >click to read< 07:27

Russia and NZ in ‘knock out brawl’ over fishing vessel in protected Antarctic waters

Russia has accused New Zealand of falsifying evidence in a diplomatic clash over illegal fishing in protected waters around Antarctica. New Zealand and many allies rejected the accusation,,, On January 19 last year, a routine New Zealand surveillance flight over the Southern Ocean spotted a Russian-flagged ship called FV Palmer​ fishing in a marine protected area where fishing is banned by international agreement. The Palmer’s satellite tracker, officially called a “vessel monitoring system” ,or VMS​, indicated the vessel was about 800 nautical miles (1500 kilometres) from that spot. >click to read< 15:44

Mi’kmaw fishing vessel destroyed in suspicious fire at N.S. wharf

A suspicious fire at a southwestern Nova Scotia wharf has destroyed a boat belonging to a Mi’kmaw fisherman, casting doubt on his ability to join the upcoming commercial lobster season. Robert Syliboy woke up to a call from a friend early Monday, asking if he had a boat tied up at the Comeauville wharf in Digby County. When Syliboy replied that he did, the friend told him the vessel might be in flames. Photos soon confirmed the 12-metre boat was indeed Syliboy’s. >click to read< 18:53

Hitchhiking honeymooners hitch a 9,200km trawler ride – Fishermen, honeymooners back in NZ after voyage from Falkland Islands

A New Zealand honeymoon couple stranded on the remote Falkland Islands in March because of the coronavirus have managed to return home by hitching a ride of more than 9,200 kilometers on an Antarctic fishing boat. Skipper Shane Cottle said he was a bit nervous at first about taking the couple on his 38-meter vessel San Aotea II, along with the crew of 14. >click to read< Fishermen, honeymooners back in NZ after voyage from Falkland Islands – Fifty-nine days after it departed Timaru on a mission to retrieve stranded fishermen from the Falkland Islands, the San Aotea II returned to the port on Tuesday morning – its passengers and crew ecstatic to finally be home. >click to read, and timeline of events< 14:52

F/V San Aspiring crew back from Falklands ahead of schedule aboard F/V San Aotea II

The mission to retrieve 15 Kiwi fishermen from the South Atlantic Ocean is almost at an end, with the F/V San Aotea II anchoring off the coast of Timaru, in New Zealand’s southern island, a day ahead of schedule. According to reports in the NZ media, the long liner was expected to arrive in Timaru on August 1 after a 55-day round trip, but arrived on Friday morning, ahead of schedule thanks to unusually good weather in the South Pacific in the past week, Sanford spokesperson Fiona MacMillan said. >click to read< 13:10

Fishermen stuck in the Falklands arrested after a fight at Dino’s Bar, will not derail rescue mission

Kiwi longliners meet at Falklands; San Aotea on Thursday leaves for New Zealand

A 25-day slog across the frigid Southern Ocean is finally over for a New Zealand Sanford fishing vessel on a mercy mission to help the crew of a fellow fishing boat who spent months at sea in rough waters near Cape Horn due to the Covid-19 lockdown. The San Aotea arrived in the Falkland Islands on Monday and teamed up with the crew of the San Aspiring, and the two ships are now are berthed together at Port Stanley. The crew on the San Aspiring had been fishing for toothfish and doing scientific research off South Georgia since February. They carried on fishing throughout the lockdown. >click to read< 08:31

Admiralteiskie Verfi shipyard launches Project СТ-192 freezer trawler for Russian Fishery Company (video)

On 23 June 2020, Admiralteiskie Verfi shipyard (a company of United Shipbuilding Corporation) launched the first serial freezing trawler of Project СТ-192, Mekhanik Maslak, built for Russian Fishery Company,,,. RFC will get 11 ships of СТ-192 design including 10 trawlers to be built by Admiralteiskie Verfi  under the state programme of investment quotas. Each new vessel that will be built for the Russian Fishery Company is designed for an annual catch of about 60 thousand tons of fish. Video, >click to read< 09:44

Coast Guard medevacs Fisherman from vessel 322 miles northwest of St. Paul Island

Coast Guard aircrews medevaced a man from a fishing vessel 322 nautical miles northwest of St. Paul Island, Alaska, Wednesday. The 45-year-old man was safely hoisted at 12:12 p.m. and taken to St. Paul for a wing-to-wing transfer with a commercial medevac company for further transport to Anchorage. At 11:48 p.m., Tuesday, District 17 Command Center watchstanders received a medevac request for a fisherman reportedly experiencing gastrointestinal bleeding aboard the 170-foot fishing vessel Baranof. Watchstanders conferred with a duty flight surgeon and launched three Kodiak-based aircrews to respond. >click to read<  The image is of the medevac of an injured 31-year-old fisherman aboard the fishing vessel Baranof, June 3, 2020 >Video, click to read< 18:15

New Opportune joins the local fleet

Opportune has been sold to other Shetland partners of Avrella Fishing Company and will be re-named Avrella in due course. Skipper Ross Christie and his father Jim own the 28m long vessel which was bought from Whitehills, near Macduff, and was shot blasted, repainted and had her three Caterpillar engines overhauled and hydraulic pipework renewed at Peterhead before she was taken north. Ross’s brother Alwyn is mate on the vessel, which was built in 1998 at Astilleros Armon in Spain as Harvest Moon. photos, >click to read< 09:22

Three fishermen saved after their fishing vessel overturned in seconds.

The crew were fishing off Flamborough Head when their vessel began listing to one side at around 8pm on Saturday night. It capsized before they were able to radio for help. The climbed onto the upturned hull, which was also sinking, and managed to locate the life raft, which contained distress flares which they were able to set off. The boat also automatically released and emergency locator beacon when it sank. >click to read< 07:59

Dramatic night-time rescue after fishing boat capsizes off Whitby – Richard Dowson, Station Mechanic at Whitby RNLI who attended the rescue said: “When you get a call to an EPIRB who don’t know what to expect, you know it is a serious emergency. >click to read< 08:17

Fishing vessel aground near St Aubin

A fishing boat ran aground south west of St Aubin’s Fort, in the early hours of this morning (Thursday 14 May) Jersey Police say the two crew members on board the 17m boat called L’Ecume II were attempting to secure it. They were rescued at approximately 3am. The vessel has now been refloated following the high tide and the island’s Harbourmaster, Captain Bill Sadler, says there were no signs of pollution caused by the incident. more photo’s, >click to read< 17:11

Coast Guard completes 13-hr overnight tow of fishing vessel offshore Port Orford, Ore.

A Coast Guard 52-foot Motor Lifeboat crew towed a disabled 68-ton commercial fishing vessel Tuesday morning across the Coos Bay Bar, west of North Bend. Watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector North Bend received a report at 3:38 p.m. Monday that the 61-foot fishing vessel Pacific Faith, with four people aboard and 10,000 pounds of fish, experienced a loss of power about 9-miles west of Port Orford and were drifting south. A Coast Guard Station Coos Bay 47-foot Motor Lifeboat crew launched at 4:47 p.m. and arrived on scene at 7:13 p.m. The MLB crew towed the Pacific Faith for 12 hours; mitigating fatigue during that time by rotating positions. >click to read< 06:28