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Fishing Vessel Owners Marine Ways incorporates on March 28, 1919.

On March 28, 1919, Fishing Vessel Owners Marine Ways is incorporated. A group of halibut-schooner owners, who are also members of the Fishing Vessel Owners Association, form the new company because they are frustrated by a lack of shipyard capacity in Seattle. Their shipyard will build halibut schooners and dories and will repair, retrofit, and maintain all types of vessels. The yard is located at the Port of Seattle’s Fishermen’s Terminal, the homeport for the Seattle-based North Pacific and West Coast fishing fleets, which opened five years earlier. It will be a vital part of Fishermen’s Terminal and the maritime industry in Seattle over the next century. Photo’s, click here to read the story 19:08

Updates for upcoming halibut commission meeting – tension mounts

The stage is set for some tension when halibut managers and stakeholders gather later this month in Vancouver.  Only one catch limit comment was submitted by the December 31 deadline.  To reduce handling and wastage in the fishery, the Seattle-based Fishing Vessel Owners’ Association is asking the IPHC to reduce the minimum size requirement for commercially caught halibut from 32 to 30 inches. Read the rest here  18:51