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Fishtown Local: Something smells fishy

wolf-in-sheeps-clothing-scaled500-e1371562470325Okay, here we go again. Another behind-the-scenes effort has begun behind our backs, the way it happened before. The newest NOAA effort has begun toward creating a marine national monument in the Cashes Ledge area — about 80 miles east of Gloucester — as well as the deep sea coral and seamount area south of Georges Bank, traditional catch areas for our fishermen. Meanwhile, concerned by what it regards as a lack of transparency and undue influence from conservationists,,, Read the rest here 08:03

Fishtown Local: A hole in Gloucester’s fabric – Gordon Baird

gdt iconRichard had, as every Gloucesterite knows, developed “The Story” — or should I say, mined The Story, unraveled The Story, rode in the saddle of The Story for the last four years. It was not a story people necessarily wanted told, especially NOAA and the feds. For a while, it was only Richard Gaines who was turning up the heat and the truth on the runaway federal agents who used Gloucester as their personal sandbox to play at the power politics of retribution. It felt like Richard should have won a Pulitzer for unraveling The Story, but the outside world couldn’t seem to even be aware there was a problem. [email protected]