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Harvey Jarvis: Fishery proclamations much ado about nothing

For those who missed it, the week beginning Feb. 5th gave us a great example of how the media is used to convince us what a what a great job is being done. On day one we had a letter in The Telegram from the FFAW telling Dominic Leblanc what he should do (“Fishery corporations kick messaging into high gear,” Feb. 5), and the next day we had Dominic Leblanc standing at a podium telling everyone what he has done or is about to do. Then about 30 seconds later we had a press release from the FFAW patting itself on the back for another great win. I am referring, of course, to the news of how Dominic Leblanc is reversing some of Stephen Harper’s reforms plus making some changes to the Fisheries Act. >click to read< 08:31

DFO cracking down on deals that flout rules to keep inshore fishery in local hands

dfocrestTwo Maritime fishermen have lost their fishing licences following a Department of Fisheries and Oceans investigation into the use of so-called controlling agreements in the past year. They haven’t released the names or location of the fishermen. “We’ve concluded five cases. Of those cases, two were in agreements that were contrary to our policy,” said Morley Knight, DFO’s Maritimes regional manager. The department said other licence reviews are ongoing as it ramps up efforts to combat controlling agreements — the side deals where a fisherman hands control and use of a licence to a third party, usually a company. The agreements are seen as an end-run around policies to keep the inshore fishery in local hands, like the owner-operator policy that fishing licenses are held only by owner-operators, and fleet separation, which prevents companies from being both harvester and processor. Read the rest here 09:13

Fleet separation, trade deal big election issues for Cape Breton fishermen

The fishery is one of the largest sectors in the Cape Breton economy, and while there are several issues of concern to fishermen in the federal election, none of them has made a big splash during the campaign. No one is sure why that is, but lobster fisherman Kevin Squires of Big Bras d’Or, president of Local 6 of the Maritime Fishermen’s Union, said those issues should be getting more attention. “Look around Cape Breton,” Squires said Sunday. “Look at our employment history and our employment prospects and look at what part of our economy,,, Read the rest here 18:31