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Wildlife cops leery of ‘Finding Dory’ film – concerns of increased poaching in Keys National Marine Sanctuary

finding-doryOver the last few years, federal law enforcement have arrested and convicted a slew of aquarium wildlife collectors in an operation dubbed “Operation Rock Bottom.” The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and the reef are home to some of the most desirable tropical fish, coral, sharks and other wildlife for saltwater aquarium enthusiasts. Though the industry is regulated by state and federal law, the lure of quick and easy cash tempts traders to poach. Enter “Finding Nemo.”  More than a decade ago, when Disney’s “Finding Nemo” animated film was released, law enforcement — mainly U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration — saw a spike in the collection of species made popular in the movie. Read the story here 12:12

Three Lower Keys brothers will serve six months in prison, prosecuted under the U.S. Lacey Act

Senior U.S. District Judge James Lawrence King approved a plea agreement between Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Watts-Fitzgerald and defense attorneys that called for six months imprisonment followed by a year of supervised release and a $25,000 fine.  Brothers Charles, Tyson and Ryan Veach already forfeited a 32-foot Invincible center console boat, spent $24,000 to remove the casitas from Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary waters, and gave up their commercial lobster licenses prior to their arrival in court, defense attorneys said. Read the rest here 08:01

Marine Sanctuary’s Wrong Science Accelerated Florida’s Coral Reef Destruction

At exactly the time I should have been paying the closest attention, Florida was suffering probably the biggest environmental disaster in its history. It happened on my watch but I wasn’t watching. Billy Causey is the for the National Marine Sanctuary. Causey is the man most responsible for keeping the faulty hypothesis alive and well. Scary when you consider he failed to earn his doctorate, so in 2006 the University of South Florida gave him an honorary one anyway. “Oh, he likes to be called Doctor,” one his staff told me. Read the rest here 11:02

75-year-old Little Torch Key man pleaded guilty this week to federal charges of illegally selling bonnethead sharks

 faces five years in federal prison and $250,000 in fines. However, Horan doubted the judge will send the older man, who lost one of his arms in a fishing accident decades ago, to prison. “We wouldn’t have taken the plea if he was going to prison,” Horan said. Read more here 09:33

Its never enough. National Marine Sanctuary eco bureaucracy panel says more protected marine zones likely needed

New ecological reserves should be considered as part of an updated marine zoning plan for the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, local advisors say. Read more here  19:55

Fishermen reiterated their opposition to any new Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary closed areas.

A Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary working group will reconvene Monday, after holding more public meetings this week to get input on potentially closing more areas to fishing and other hot-button topics. The sanctuary held the extra meetings after fishermen voiced opposition to a series of maps, detailing proposed closed fishing areas, by some members of the sanctuary’s Ecosystem Protection Working Group. [email protected] 08:46

Input on possible Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary fishing closures sought

Sanctuary officials agreed to the four additional meetings to address the issue last month after fishermen and divers loudly voiced their opposition to a series of maps that proposed new closed areas and the expansion of existing closed areas. [email protected]  11:06

Michigan men charged with federal wildlife crimes – Aquarium owner accused of collecting Keys fish, selling them

The owner of Michigan aquarium-supply firm made two business trips the Florida Keys in 2011, towing a boat behind a specially equipped van, to collect live saltwater fish and corals for sale, a federal indictment says. The charges were latest in a series of cases involving several defendants accused of knowingly collecting or buying fish harvested in waters within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. [email protected]  20:17

Few waters contain a more baffling hodgepodge of fishing rules than the Florida Keys

Recreational and commercial fishing in South Florida waters falls under the jurisdiction of three government agencies: The federal South Atlantic Fishery Management Council and the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council, and the state FWC. Then toss in rules for the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Everglades National Park, Biscayne National Park, national wildlife areas and species-specific closed areas. @keysnet

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary hearing outcry, sanctuary panel puts off vote on expanded no-take areas

“Everybody just now is getting wind of this,” said Ernie Piton, president of the Florida Keys Commercial Fishermen’s Association and a member of the working group. “There’s no way we’re getting through this today. It’s not possible.” [email protected]

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary rule groups meet

keysnews.com – Three committees reviewing the rules of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary are closing in on their formal recommendations. continued