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Florida Net ban turns 20 on July 1, but was it a success?

Twenty years ago Wednesday, , one of the most controversial conservation measures in the state’s history. The ban devastated livelihoods and what remained of a once-vibrant commercial fishing culture in small coastal towns throughout Florida. Two decades later, opinions align along the same battle lines that fueled a bitter campaign surrounding the ban. And since the data are either incomplete or a mixed bag, scientists still can’t offer much insight into which side was right. Read the rest here 18:12

Florida Net Ban: Florida’s ban on net fishing near shore debated again

“We would like the opportunity to harvest Spanish mackerel, pompano and mullet in state waters,” Kelly said. “We’d like to see the use of gill nets with the appropriate mesh size for the appropriate targets.” “We will spend every penny necessary to protect the constitutional ban on gill netting,” CCA Florida chairman Jim Williams said. [email protected] 11:50