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Outdoors: Gill netting again is ruled illegal, but don’t believe the net controversy is over

But don’t believe that, because the attempts over the years to overturn the net ban law show how commercial groups are unrelenting in their zeal to cash in for quick profits at the public resource trough. Any minor technicality in the net ban law will be tirelessly chipped away at by commercial interests through the courts. If nothing else the fall ruling by Leon County Judge Jackie Fulford (who was up for re-election) shows the mind-set of commercial netting interests. Read more here 20:02:

Cortez Fishing for Freedom members attend protest, appellate hearing

Coarsey said 50-60 people attended the demonstration outside of the FWC building, most wearing their FFF T-shirts. The shirts, on the back, state, “Biology versus Politics.” Following the protest, FFF members filled the courtroom for the hearing. “We represented Manatee County. Is it important we went up there? Yes,” said Coarsey. “They’re taking out a species of fisherman.” Read more here 08:23