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A nice note to the Fishermen of Flotilla 2017 from Sargeant Steven Stanko

Hello all, I want to take a moment and express my sincere admiration as to the professionalism the fishermen/women at the event displayed. As the supervisor on scene  for CT Encon Police I witnessed firsthand the interaction that took place between the fishing  vessel captains and crew involved in the event had with not only my department, but with the United States Coast Guard, and other commercial/civilian craft in the area. Communication on the radio, as well as by phone, with  vessel captains was first rate. As an event planner and coordinator that is responsible for public safety I must say that all those involved made the event much easier and less stressful for me to supervisor. In fact, it was a pleasure.  The skills of the captains in handling numerous large vessels in constrained waterways was exemplary of the nautical experience they possess. click here to read the letter 12:52

Aboard the Tradition: Fishermen work to get Trump’s attention on Thames River

Supporters of President Trump are gathering in southeastern Connecticut Wednesday. Among them are a group of fishermen who organized on the Thames River. These fishing vessels were on a different kind of mission. News 8 was on board the Tradition, a 70 foot vessel that is one of more than 25 boats out trying to get the president’s attention hoping for change to what they say are outdated and over regulated rules that could eventually kill the fishing industry here in New England. The vessels set out from Stonington at around 8 a.m. for the one hour sail to the Thames River. The Tradition works out of Rhode Island but the boats there Wednesday also came from Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts. Video, read the story here 19:00

Information Update #2: The Make Commercial Fishing Great Again Flotilla 2017

First, a hearty thank you to all who plan on attending this historic event! There has been some confusion by those who are still trying to label our gathering as a protest. They are wrong. What this gathering is all about is to show a sign of support to the graduating cadets’ from the fishing industry. We want this to make a positive impact! Also it’s a shout out to President Trump to take notice that our industry like so many others in our nation is under attack from over burdensome regulatory policies enacted by previous administrations. If anyone is interviewed by the media, PLEASE make these messages loud and clear. WE ARE NOT PROTESTING. We are : 1. Welcoming President Trump, 2. Congratulating the Coast Guard cadets, and 3. Asking the President for help to Make Commercial Fishing Great Again. It looks like the weather is going to be awesome. Summer like finally. We should all plan on gathering just south of the RT.95 bridge by 10AM. The commencement address by the President is scheduled for 11AM. We will have representatives on the scene at the event who we will be in contact with. We ask that everyone refrain from blowing horns until the ceremony is over. When we get word from the inside we can let loose with our salute! Again, thank you to all and we will be standing by on VHF Ch. 18 for coordination purposes. Enjoy your day on the water and be safe in your travels. 12:25

Information Update: The Make Commercial Fishing Great Again Flotilla 2017

For those who are planning on attending the Make Commercial Fishing Great Again rally and want a sign please contact Oscar from American Beauty Signworks. His phone number is 401-767-2922.  This guy is firmly behind us. He will keep the shop running all weekend to make 4X8 signs that will say anything you want! (remember to keep it positive). He told me that he will take calls all weekend. If he is not there he will call you back. Monday will be the break off point for orders so if you want him to make you a sign the sooner he knows the better. He has slashed the price of these 4X8 signs to from $140.00 to $90.00.  He is committed to helping us in any way he can. Give him a ring and if you’re from out of state I will deliver them to your boat on Wednesday. Just tell him to write the boat name on the back. It’s coming together nicely folks!  Thank you. Joel H. 20:55