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N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission to take action on southern flounder supplement

flounder-southernAccording to a release from the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries, the state agency that enforces marine fisheries rules and conducts fisheries research, the MFC is scheduled to select and approve management measures for supplement A to the southern flounder fishery management plan (FMP) Amendment 1. The proposed supplement, and the MFC’s use of the supplement process, has drawn both support and opposition. A recent release from the N.C. Fisheries Association, a nonprofit supporting the seafood industry, criticizes the proposed supplement. Read the rest here 15:35

Flounder Fishery Management Plan draws fire at NC Marine Fisheries Commission hearing

 Fishermen, recreational and commercial, along with environmentalists, scientists, seafood dealers and others spoke both for and against a proposed southern flounder supplement Wednesday. Around 160 people signed in at the hearing, of which about 66 voiced their opinions on the draft six-proposal supplement intended to reduce flounder catch – which includes both harvested flounder and dead discards – by 25-60 percent. One of the biggest items of contention between speakers was large mesh gill nets. Read the rest here 14:19